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24 Perfect Autumn Wedding Guest Dresses That Will Sell Out Before You Know It

By Max / Published on Thursday, 01 Aug 2019 22:41 PM / No Comments / 402 views

I belong to a family of planners. Out comes a fresh Google docs spreadsheet in October for our Christmas dinner. I wish I was joking. However, it has been handy, as I’ve been able to extend this type of conscientiousness to my wardrobe—especially when it comes to events.

Right now, other than fashion week in September, I have a wedding coming up in November that I need an outfit for. That’s only a mere three months to decide what I’m going to wear. But I won’t be the only one with a wedding guest outfit to decide upon⁠—September is one of the biggest months for weddings and more couples are choosing the less popular months to save money, so it’s fair to assume that I know you’ll have some dress decisions to make too.

Also, a bonus tip: If you buy your outfit now, chances are by the time the wedding comes around no one else will be wearing the same.

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