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7 Workout Brands That Do Good Things for the Planet

By Max / Published on Sunday, 29 Dec 2019 19:19 PM / No Comments / 363 views

January is famously a time when Quality Street no longer becomes an acceptable breakfast food and people rediscover what vegetables taste like without gravy. It’s also when everyone and their mum decides to sign up for the gym. And with that comes the purchasing of new workout clothes. But I think this new year’s rush to the nearest Decathlon will be a little different in 2020. You see, the major problem with a lot of exercise clothes is that they’re often made from polyester. This is problematic because with every wash, microfibres from the polyester are washed away and often end up in seas and oceans, damaging the wildlife. It also requires more energy to produce and its production can mean the use of harmful chemicals, which can be toxic to the people creating the garments. 

While everyone will still be hunting down new kit, I predict it will also have to be sustainable and ethical. How do I know this? Other than the fact that global fashion search platform Lyst revealed that searches for sustainability have dramatically increased in 2019, I also spoke to Net-a-Porter’s Senior Fashion Market Editor Libby Page, who revealed that “conscious consumption is a growing topic which will only grow further in the coming months.”

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