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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Larissa Got Arrested (Again)

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019 00:14 AM / No Comments / 369 views

Sunday night’s new 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? was a drama-filled doozy.

The biggest item was, of course, Larissa getting arrested for the second time for “domestic violence.”

Fans have been suspicious about this incident since it went down, and now viewers are getting to form their own opinions.

Chantel’s visit to Pedro continues to not go very well.

Paola is, bless her, losing her entire mind during this pregnancy, and Ashley is spiraling (with good reason) over Jay’s cheating scandal.

The hardest part to watch of the whole episode had to be Elizabeth and Andrrei, who keeps getting worse as the season goes on.

1. Colt and Larissa

Colt and Larissa

This time, the drama takes a serious turn, as fans witness the aftermath of a major blowout between this toxic couple.

2. Coltee has bad news

Coltee has bad news

“Larissa was arrested … again,” Colt tells fans. To those of us who followed this story as it was breaking last November, this is old news, but it’s still interesting to see the side of it that never made it to social media or police reports.

3. So what happened?

So what happened?

Larissa and Colt had an argument after Colt had allegedly knocked over things in the living room. Larissa locked herself in the bathroom, and when Colt deactivated her phone, it sent her into a panic and she begged fans on social media to contact Colt to tell him to reactivate her phone (she was terrified). She could still access social media to plead for help. Someone called the police.

4. And yes, she was arrested

And yes, she was arrested

We know that sometimes, people think that reality shows stage arrests for drama. This really happened.

5. For what it’s worth, they made light of it just weeks later

For what it's worth, they made light of it just weeks later

Yes, they shared this photo last November, AFTER Larissa’s arrest.

6. Debbie was absolutely horrified

Debbie was absolutely horrified

Debbie had managed to stretch that umbilical cord far enough to leave on a trip. When she returned, she found the house damaged and the general aftermath of her daughter-in-law’s arrest. Colt was playing the part of concerned husband, and Debbie was furious.

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