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90 Day Fiancé: How Long Were Paul’s Dogs at a Training Facility?

By Max / Published on Saturday, 01 Aug 2020 21:47 PM / No Comments / 13 views

Star of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Paul Staehle has finally found a home for his family of three. Another thing that caught the viewers’ attention is Paul’s two dogs. He collected them from the training facility and put them into an outdoor dog pen.

Karine Staehle was not comfortable, leaving her family and friends in Brazil and move to America. To top it all, Paul made her shift even more problematic when he couldn’t find a decent place to live for his wife and baby. He showed a few homes in the trailer park, but they were far from habitable and needed a lot of work. The couple was on the verge of breaking up. The Brazilian called Paul a bad father and husband and threatened him that she will go to back to her country. Then suddenly, Paul found a one-room home in the trailer park for his family, which matched his budget. He was excited as well as nervous to show this house to Karine. Thankfully, she liked it and plans to stay in the States now.

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In the recent episode, viewers also noticed Paul’s two large German shepherd dogs. He put them in the training facility before leaving for Brazil. So, his dogs were in the facility for over a year. Since taking care of two dogs can be expensive, many fans were shocked to know that Paul is planning to keep them. He has arranged a kennel just outside this house. A tweet said, “I think paul needs to worry about his other finances before he has dogs, as if theres not vet bills, food, grooming to pay for.” Check out the tweet below:

While some fans believe that Paul is doing his best, others think that he still needs to set his priorities straight. He doesn’t have a job yet, and he can barely take care of his wife and the baby. Still, he made the wrong decision and brought two dogs home, which will eventually prove to be a burden on him. He didn’t have any savings to begin with. And now, his mother has also refused to help him anymore. 

Despite that, his wife seems happy for the first time since she has arrived in the States. It’s good to see that this couple is finally coming back on the track. Eventually, Paul will find a job (fingers crossed) and start providing for his family. He needs to understand that he doesn’t have any other choice, but to work hard.

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

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