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A definitive guide to giving your wardrobe a January detox (and it’s amazing for your mental health)

By Max / Published on Wednesday, 01 Jan 2020 08:06 AM / No Comments / 421 views

If 2020 is the year you stop letting mess ruin your life, you need a wardrobe detox.

Instagram is filled with images of celeb homes, as they employ declutterers to sort through their mountain of clothes and accessories.

As well as actually being able to see what outfits you have to wear, and getting rid of the ones that have been taking up space for years, a wardrobe detox is also good for your mental health.

As Marie Kondo said, it can transform your life.

Here’s my guide to how to do it yourself in 15 easy steps.

Take out everything

Remove everything from your wardrobe – don’t just throw it out; grab 10 items at a time and lay them on the bed. Look at the quality of each item – is it bobbled? Faded? – and decide very quickly whether you love it or if it needs to go. It’s so important to declutter your wardrobe this way because it gives you the opportunity to look at each item, without skimming past it. It’s also less overwhelming to deal with one item at a time.

Don’t hold on to occasionwear

If you’re thinking of holding on to that strapless, satin, circa 2003 dress think again think again. Occasionwear tends to look dated really quickly. If the item looks very last season, ditch it and give to the charity shop. Unless it’s a designer piece or a classic style, you won’t earn much on eBay for it.

Only keep clothes that fit you NOW

The biggest obstacle for women is that when it comes to clothes, they live in the past or the future. They either want to look how they used to, or they may want to look a certain way in the future. Keeping an item of clothing that doesn’t fit is going to bring negativity to mind when you see it.

Ditch wire hangers

Wire hangers (usually from the dry cleaners) are really bad for your clothes as they bend items out of shape. Wooden hangers look good, but they’re big and clunky and take up a lot of space in your wardrobe. I prefer non-slip hangers that you can buy cheaply online or from Primark.

Hang your jewellery

The only jewellery that should be kept in a jewellery box is rings, bracelets and earrings. Necklaces should be hung up, either on hooks or on pretty hangers. Having these on display allows you to be more creative when playing around with outfits. It also prevents them from getting tangled. The psychological effect of seeing your necklaces will make it seem like less effort to wear a different one every day, rather than thinking: ‘I can’t be bothered to look through my drawers.’

Are you shoes dated?

Give your pairs of shoes a once over – making sure to check them carefully, as having scuffed or worn shoes can make an outfit look dated. Shoes can get dusty and sometimes even mouldy, so it’s important to store them in boxes. If they look like they’re on the last legs, throw them out.

Order! Order!

Some clients like their wardrobes to be colour-coded, but I prefer to organise them in style order. For example, have a workwear section, a casual section, and an occasionwear section. It will make your life easier when you’re dressing for work and you only have one specific section to choose from.

Final step…

When you have finished the decluttering process, take the leftover items to the charity shop as soon as possible, and avoid looking back through the bags ‘just in case’. Once those items have gone, you won’t miss them. Let someone else love, treasure and enjoy them now.

Susie Hasler AKA Styled By Susie is an award-winning stylist. Her complete wardrobe decluttering guide is available from her website for £15.

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