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Amy Roloff and Chris Marek: Wedding Abruptly Postponed!

By Max / Published on Wednesday, 08 Jan 2020 01:24 AM / No Comments / 366 views

Back in September, Amy Roloff became engaged to Chris Marek. Fans had been waiting for this happy news, and everyone has celebrated.

But the wedding date, Amy has now revealed, has been pushed back. Why? And when will they get married?

“What changed my life in 2019?” Amy asked rhetorically in a New Year’s Eve Instagram post. “When Chris asked me to marry him.”

“I couldn’t be happier in my second act!” she exclaimed.

She gushed that she was “looking forward to what 2020 may bring.”

However, Amy has now revealed that one thing that she won’t be doing this year is tying the knot with Chris.

Looking forward to 2020 doesn’t mean that her wedding date is set for this year — much to the surprise of those closest to her.

Recently, Amy went on Instagram Live with her friend, Lisa Dixon.

There, she revealed that her plans to marry Chris have been pushed back to 2021.

Lisa was shocked, saying: “I thought you had a date picked out for next year?”

“Oh no, that wasn’t going to work, no way,” Amy explained.

She then told Lisa and the wole world: “so 2021 is when it’s going to happen.”

Was there some sort of personal or family drama that is preventing them from marrying this year?

Fortunately, no. The obstacle is much more practical.

“There’s like no money left in my bank account,” Amy explains, though she is hopefully exaggerating.

Continuing to be less than literal, she adds: “The money is literally flying out the doors!”

What cost her so much money? Why, shopping for the holidays.

Amy and her family celebrate Christmas, and it looks like she spent a lot on her kids, grandkids, and more.

Fans don’t actually need to worry about their favorite star’s finances.

We recently reported on Amy Roloff’s net worth and she is doing just fine for herself.

Of course, net worth isn’t the same thing as having money in the bank, but Amy made it clear that she was exaggerating.

All of us — whether we’re millionaire reality stars or living paycheck to paycheck or in between — put off big expenses out of an abundance of caution.

In addition to becoming engaged to Chris, Amy also recently moved off of Roloff Farms and into her new house.

“It’s been an adventure so far, definitely another BIG change in my life,” Amy wrote.

She reflected: “After 30 years living on 33+ acres, and really not sure how to feel about it all.”

“It might all hit me later but what I do know, this change was necessary, ” Amy acknowledged. 

“It’ll take time getting use to- living in a neighborhood,” she confessed, “being in a new house and making it a home.”

“I’m ready though and I like my new house,” Amy emphasized.

“In the meantime I’m fortunate, after 30 years living on the farm,” she added, noting that she has “til end of January, to purge and completely move out my things.”

“And Keep what I really want and / or need from the farmhouse and take to the new house,” Amy noted. “Whew!”

“Purging is the tough part and a good thing at the same time,” Amy wrote.

She priased: “Chris has been wonderful helping me do projects at the new house too.”

“Couldn’t have done it without him,” Amy expressed.

2020 has just begun, but 2021 will be here before we know it. We’re so happy for Amy and Chris.

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