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Amy Roloff Makes It Official, Moves Off Family Farm

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 24 Dec 2019 19:41 PM / No Comments / 371 views

Amy Roloff has confirmed yet another significant life milestone.

The Little People, Big World star — who sadly lost her mother just a couple months ago; and who also got engaged just a couple months ago — jumped on her Instagram Story today to verify the following news:

She no longer lives on the family farm.

Yes, Amy sold most of her property on this land to her ex-husband, Matt, awhile back.

As we reported back in August, she made a hefty profit off this sale and told followers she was therefore off to search for a residence for the first time in decades.

Those who have followed this TLC personality and/or her family for a long time are aware that Matt and Amy may have divorced in 2015, but they continued to live about 100 yards apart on a farm in Oregon.

They also continued to work together on this farm and also, of course, on the aforementioned reality show.

Just over about two months ago, meanwhile, Amy announced she had bought a new house.

The home is located in Hillsboro, Oregon (about 15 minutes away from the farm) and it cost the mother of four $ 588,500.

For those wondering:

The home boasts five bedrooms — very important when kids and grandkids, we’re sure, will often be invited over to stay — and four bathrooms and it takes up an area of 3,767 square feet.

And one more  thing: now Amy is actually living in it!

In a video Roloff posted online this week, she star provides fans with a sweeping view of her kitchen, dining room and living room full of boxes and items she still must pack, including her large mug collection.

“Today’s the day! I am moving! Oh boy,” the TLC star explains.

She also added the caption below:

It’s worth noting, though, that Amy also mentions in this footage how “half of [my stuff is] gonna be staying in the house,” implying that she’ll be back often.

Her deal with Matt is a little complicated, but the Little People, Big World patriarch basically now owns most of Amy’s actual property, meaning he can expand his own residence on the farm.

But Amy still owns a parcel of land and will still be a partner in the business.

She isn’t going anywhere, folks. Have no worries.

At some point in the next several days, Amy will become a grandmother again, as daughter-in-law Audrey is due to give birth in early January.

And then, in 2020 at some other point, she’ll walk down the aisle with Chris Marek and officially take her next step in life.

As always, we wish her nothing but the very best of luck.

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