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Ariana Grande Honors Mac Miller on a Very Special Anniversary

By Max / Published on Wednesday, 27 Mar 2019 03:38 AM / No Comments / 342 views

In September of last year, Mac Miller was found dead of a suspected overdose at his home.

That devastating loss shattered the hearts of fans and loved ones alike, including his recent ex, Ariana Grande.

Now, Ariana is marking the six-year anniversary of the first time they worked together in a very special way.

Six years ago, Ariana Grande and Mac Miller participated in their first music collaboration with the song, “The Way.”

On Monday, Ariana gave a subtle, tasteful tribute to Mac.

“Six years,” she wrote in white text on an all-black panel on her Instagram Stories.

She also included a simple, thin white outline of a heart.

Ariana’s most devoted stans did not have to guess — they already knew that she was referring to Mac.

Ariana Grande IG story tribute Mac Miller

“The Way” was released on March 25 of 2013.

(Reading that date and remembering the song’s premiere as being “so recent” makes some of us feel unbelievably ancient)

The track was Ariana’s very first time on the Billboard Hot 100.

This was when Ariana was still mostly known as a Nickelodeon star who had also appeared on Broadway — and in a Greyson Chance music video.

But that collaboration was only the beginning.

Ariana and Mac would, years later, go on to date.

The pair were in a relationship for two years, only breaking up in May of 2018 — not even a full year ago.

Ariana cited Mac’s struggles with substance abuse as part of the reason for their split.

Some of his cruelest fans blamed her when he was in a hit-and-run DUI, saying that she should have remained with him no matter what.

Obviously, that is some very unhealthy feedback — and it only grew worse.

In September, Mac Miller passed away from an unintentional overdose.

Ariana was devastated. He had been a major fixture in her life for years, and she had known him for even longer than that.

To make matters worse, some of Mac’s so-called “fans” blamed her.

She had moved on with her life, dating and becoming engaged to Pete Davidson.

That summer, the two were one of the hottest topics of conversation.

Horrible trolls claimed that Ariana’s newfound happiness was somehow to blame for Mac’s overdose.

If these vile haters hoped to see Ariana’s happiness fall to pieces after Mac’s death, they got their wish.

Just weeks later, she and Pete Davidson split.

There were a lot of issues (let’s be real — they got engaged within weeks of beginning to date)

However, if fans expect for Pete to resent his ex’s dead ex, they have another thing coming.

Recently, Pete Davidson rightly freaked out after a heckler yelled a tasteless Mac Miller joke at one of his stand-up shows.

Pete is a good person, even if some of his detractors don’t want to admit it.

But Ariana’s happiness wasn’t ruined forever — because it’s not contingent upon whom she’s dating or boning at any given time.

Ariana has just spent a ludicrous amount of time on the Billboard Hot 100, smashing records left and right with her most recent songs.

From “Thank U, Next” to “7 Rings,” she is dominating the music industry.

There’s no stopping her.

We think that Mac would really like that.

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