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Ashley Martson I’m Out of the Hospital and Sick of the Lies!

By Max / Published on Thursday, 28 Feb 2019 04:25 AM / No Comments / 523 views

More than a week ago, we shared the grim news that Ashley Martson was back in the hospital.

Her husband, Jay Smith, stayed right by her side throughout the harrowing ordeal.

Now, Ashley is back home.

She's held a Q&A on social media so that she can open up to fans about the ups and downs of her recovery.

Ashley delivers an update on her marriage to Jay, too.

1. Ashley was hospitalized for an extended stay

Ashley was hospitalized for an extended stay

When Jay shared a glimpse of her in her hospital room, she had already been at the hospital for nearly a week.

2. This was not the first time

This was not the first time

Ashley has a number of ongoing health troubles that stem from lupus. Earlier this year, she was found unresponsive at home and rushed to the hospital with kidney failure.

3. She had kidney failure

She had kidney failure

They had hoped that putting her on the right medication could handle the problem without having to do a kidney transplant. Clearly, it was not all smooth sailing after that.

4. Now, she's back home

Now, she's back home

She even held a Q&A on Instagram so that she could update her followers on how things are going.

5. So, how is life without cameras treating her?

So, how is life without cameras treating her?

This dancing image says it all, even if Ashley herself doesn’t seem to feel like dancing.

6. Are things better now?

Are things better now?

Between Ashley and Jay, absolutely. The secrecy and lies, which she says were the result of 90 Day Fiance meddling with her life, were so much.

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