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At 34, I’m Finally Able to Say I Know How to Properly Handwash My Clothes

By Max / Published on Saturday, 03 Aug 2019 22:39 PM / No Comments / 324 views

There are a couple of things you want to do before you even start washing. The first thing that I hadn’t even considered was the condition of my nails. Sophie suggests that you “make sure your nails are smooth to avoid snags,” which is a genius idea. When I asked her whether you should pre-treat an item, she said no, not unless it has been stained.

“If there is a stain, then how I pre-treat a garment would depend on the material. For instance, if I get something on cashmere, the first thing I would do is dab away at the mark with water and a soft cloth. You can also pre-treat a stain with the detergent you’re going to use and your fingers. Never scrub at a stain—no matter the material! If you have dry stains, then you can use a stain remover, but make sure that it’s gentle and appropriate for the material you’re using it on.”

As for where you should do the washing, there are a couple of places Sophie recommends: “If you are lucky enough to have a deep bathroom sink, or laundry room sink, then I wouldn’t worry with an extra bowl. However, I would use a bowl if you are using the kitchen sink and always make sure that the bowl and sink, and tap are thoroughly clean beforehand to avoid any residue from previous use getting on your clothes.”

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