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Avengers: Endgame Tickets Crash AMC Theaters’ Website

By Max / Published on Wednesday, 03 Apr 2019 03:19 AM / No Comments / 406 views

Avengers: Endgame has crashed AMC Theaters’ website as fans rush to secure their seats for opening weekend. Later this month, the culmination of the 22-film Infinity Saga finally hits theaters, and Marvel is in the final stretch of marketing. Today, tickets for the film officially went on sale as the studio released another sneak peek filled with new (but non-spoilery) footage of Earth’s Mightiest stand against Thanos.

It goes without saying that Endgame is arguably 2019’s most-anticipated film and anticipation to see it has reached a fever pitch. Due to pent-up demand and it being the end of a decade’s worth of storytelling, Endgame is projected to shatter numerous box office records, including the all-time domestic and worldwide opening weekend marks. Because this is the textbook definition of a cinematic event, there was always going to be a mad dash to get tickets as soon as they were available. But it turns out ticket providers weren’t entirely prepared for what was about to happen.


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According to THR, there’s so much interest for Endgame tickets, it’s crashing the servers for AMC’s site. The outlet (and several others) get hit with a 503 error message. Fandango has a waitlist implemented, and those trying to purchase a ticket for an AMC theater are stuck on a paused line while the two work out a solution. It is worth mentioning that not everyone is having issues at the moment. Atom Tickets announced this morning that Endgame broke their record for most sales in the first hour, shooting past the mark set by Infinity War last year.


This undoubtedly is a frustrating turn of events for Marvel fans, to say the least. Endgame is most certainly a film that will sell out quickly, so people want to guarantee their spot on opening weekend. And while it’s great theaters made sure to schedule multiple Thursday night preview screening so viewers had plenty of options to choose from, that’ll all be moot if people can’t get through. While part of the blame here has to be put on the millions of moviegoers all going to the same sites at once, one does have to wonder why AMC wasn’t better prepared for the substantial uptick in traffic they were set to have this morning. This was obviously a planned and coordinated rollout with Marvel.


Of course, once the initial influx dies down, the servers will be up and running like normal again. Then, people will be able to get their Endgame tickets (hopefully) without any setbacks and make plans to enjoy the film over opening weekend. Understandably, there’s a fair amount of anxiety right now because the fear of being sold out is high – and nobody wants to be spoiled. Fingers crossed it all works out for the fans trying to get in as soon as possible.

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Source: THR, Atom Tickets

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