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Best Songs on the Shazam Movie Soundtrack

By Max / Published on Saturday, 06 Apr 2019 07:41 AM / No Comments / 403 views

Shazam received heaps of praise for being one of the most fun DC films in recent memory, and it sports a fittingly entertaining soundtrack to boot. Perhaps appropriately, given that Billy Batson’s foster family is a mix of different ages and ethnicities, the movie pulls from a variety of eras and genres to make the soundtrack a well-rounded listen.

It’s becoming increasingly popular for superhero movies to incorporate licensed songs to complement their original classical scores. Much of the credit there has to be given to Guardians of the Galaxy, with Peter Quill’s Awesome Mixtape packed with catchy tunes to set the mood for James Gunn’s space operas. In Guardians, the soundtrack plays a unique role in that it’s intricately connected to Peter’s character, something other films haven’t really done. Works such as Suicide Squad and Captain Marvel draw from pop songs to establish the tone for a given scene. Shazam fits more in that category, but that doesn’t make the selections any less appealing.


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Below, we’ve assembled a list of songs that can be heard during Shazam. We’ll update once more are confirmed and revealed. Take a look:

  1. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen
  2. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
  3. Slow Hands – Niall Haran
  4. Goals – Cameron Dietz
  5. Superman Theme – John Williams

Some Shazam spoilers follow

Perhaps the most prominent song featured in the movie is “Don’t Stop Me Now,” the classic Queen track that’s no stranger to great cinema (see: Shaun of the Dead). The tune is used for a fun montage where Freddy Freeman and Billy conduct a variety of tests to see what powers the latter has in his superhero persona. It’s definitely one of the more entertaining bits in the entire film, and the use of Queen only elevates it. Incorporating “Eye of the Tiger” is also a nice touch, serving as a callback to a Rocky mention earlier in the film. The arena rock hit plays about midway through the movie when Billy is showing off his lightning hands abilities for an adoring (and paying) crowd. Interestingly, Rocky III was all about the Italian Stallion regaining his focus and determination, and a case can be made at this point in Shazam, Billy was in dire need of a wakeup call himself.


The one song that’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces is the classic Superman theme, one of John Williams’ most iconic works. Not only is hearing those hummable notes coming through theater speakers a nice touch, the scene is the perfect payoff for a development earlier in the film, where Shazam forgot to show up to have lunch with Freddy. Not only does Billy make up for that mistake, he made the occasion all the more special by encouraging a friend to tag along with him (which no doubt impressed all the other kids). All in all, Shazam’s soundtrack has something for everyone.

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