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Big Brother: Da’Vonne Reveals How Kevin Friendship Fell Apart On BB22

By Max / Published on Thursday, 25 Feb 2021 19:49 PM / No Comments / 39 views

After Da’Vonne Rogers’ first video about David Alexander on Big Brother 22: All-Stars, the America’s Favorite Houseguest winner released another video explaining how she experienced the fallout of her friendship with BB22 ally Kevin Campbell. As the weeks went by on All-Stars, it became clear that Da’Vonne and Kevin became the best of friends. Da’Vonne was a fan of Kevin’s gameplay on BB11, and Kevin often repeated how big of a star he thought Da’Vonne was since BB17. When Kevin lost Nicole Anthony and Da’Vonne lost Bayleigh Dayton, these two got even closer on the show.

Upon winning the Power of Veto on Big Brother 22, Da’Vonne Rogers used it to take out Kevin Campbell from the nomination block. That power move from Da’Vonne ended up solidifying her alliance and friendship with Kevin even further. And yet, the numbers were just totally against them on the show. Da’Vonne was eliminated shortly after that week, and Kevin followed her out straight away. In the few scenes that the fans watched from the BB22 jury house, it became clear that Da’Vonne and Kevin were no longer that close. Now, Da’Vonne is finally explaining what happened between them.

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According to Da’Vonne’s latest video (included below), her friendship with Kevin on Big Brother: All-Stars was rocky from the very start. Da’Vonne said that she had a hard time understanding if Kevin did or did not see himself as a Black man, as he seemingly wanted to identify as both Black and Asian, but not exclusively as one or the other. They also had very different opinions about faith and religion, as Da’Vonne is a proud Christian and Kevin was excommunicated from his church. In the video, Da’Vonne also repeatedly called Kevin a “flip flopper,” claiming that he hated Janelle Pierzina, Kaysar Ridha, and Cody Calafiore but changed his mind upon learning how the public felt about those players. You can watch Da’Vonne’s full video below.

There were many other claims that Da’Vonne Rogers made in this latest two-hour video. Of note, Da’Vonne alleged that Kevin Campbell was “jealous” of the beautiful letter that she received from her mother in the jury house. Da’Vonne also confirmed the fans’ speculation that she indeed got close to Daniele Donato while in the jury, and that Kevin mostly hung out with David Alexander. But Da’Vonne questioned Kevin’s new proximity to David, as he allegedly told Da’Vonne various times that David could not be trusted.

All things considered, it appears that the Big Brother 22: All-Stars friendship between Kevin and Da’Vonne is over for good. In the video, Da’Vonne made it clear that she has put both David and Kevin behind in her life. She doesn’t seem inclined on looking back.

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Sources: Da’Vonne Rogers’ YouTube channel

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