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Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Oolong Slayer” Teams Jake & Holt To Catch A Killer

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 episode “The Oolong Slayer” sees Jake and Holt teaming to catch a serial killer who loves tea. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was built as a star vehicle for former Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg, and while his character Jake Peralta is still the center of the series, it quickly evolved into more of an ensemble. The first season focused on Jake trying to impress stern new boss Captain Holt and his budding romance with fellow officer Amy Santiago.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has run for seven seasons so far, though it was briefly cancelled after season 5, with NBC picking up the series from FOX. In addition to the great cast that heads Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s also featured standout guest stars, including Bill Hader (Barry), Sterling K. Brown, Kyra Sedgwick and Adam Sandler as himself. Since Jake is obsessed with Die Hard the showrunners have stated a desire to bring Bruce Willis onto the series, which has yet to happen.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 episode “The Oolong Slayer” sees The Vulture (Dean Winters) still acting as Captain of the precinct following Holt’s demotion. The Vulture forces the gang to give up any interesting cases to other units, but Jake decides to follow up on leads in the dormant Oolong Slayer case. He brings this to Holt, who is still suffering in the PR department alongside Gina, and the trio works together to solve the case in secret.

brooklyn nine nine overweight terry

Meanwhile, The Vulture forces Rosa and Amy to plan his birthday party. Rosa wants to use this as a chance to humiliate him, but Amy can’t help taking it seriously. Ths Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s episode also sees Terry severely stressed out over the impending arrival of his third child, and he starts binging on Boyle’s delicious cacao nibs, gaining weight in the process. When the first lead suspect in the Oolong Slayer case turns out to be dead, Jake and Holt are reprimanded and warned to stay off the case.

Jake being Jake, he presses ahead on another lead, but Holt refuses to take part. Jake later finds the killer working at a mannequin factory, who gets the drop on him; Holt arrives to save the day. Instead of taking credit, Jake offers the case to the Chief in exchange for Holt’s return to the precinct. Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “The Oolong Slayer” ends with Rosa and Amy hiring The Vulture’s terrible band to play at his own party, where he embarrasses himself more than they ever could. Boyle also arranges a schedule where the precinct will help out with Terry’s heavy workload so he can focus on quitting his cacao nib addiction.

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