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Catelynn Lowell to Tyler Baltierra: Divorce Me, Whatever, I Don’t Need You!

By Max / Published on Monday, 10 Jun 2019 06:37 AM / No Comments / 356 views

Last year was pretty rough for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

Like, so rough that they very nearly got divorced.

But 2019 has been a whole new chapter for them — they’ve been working on their new house, they’re entering into their 10th year on Teen Mom, and of course they just welcomed their sweet little baby Vaeda a few months ago!

Things seem entirely different than they were back then.

But Catelynn and Tyler still struggling behind the scenes?

Judging by this new statement from Cate … yeah, things don’t sound too great.

Could that divorce finally be happening?!

1. The Baltierras

The Baltierras

In discussing the problems between Catelynn and Tyler, where do we even begin?

2. A Look Back

A Look Back

After all, they’ve been together since they were 12 years old, they had a child together a few years after that that they placed for adoption because her mother and his father, who had married each other, were abusive, neglectful addicts.

3. Man Oh Man

Man Oh Man

Yeah, they’ve been through a lot, but they pushed through it, and in 2015, she got pregnant again with darling little Nova. It should have been a blissful, beautiful time for them, and we’re sure much of it was, but unfortunately, Catelynn developed severe postpartum depression.

4. Getting Help

Getting Help

She dealt with it on her own for over a year before heading out to spend a few weeks at a treatment center in Arizona — and even then, she still struggled with depression after coming home.

5. Big Trouble?

Big Trouble?

Tyler tried his best to be understanding and supportive, but as we saw on Teen Mom OG, after a while he began to feel like he was part of her problem. They really, really struggled for at least two years after Nova was born.

6. Oh No

Oh No

By the fall of 2017 though, they were in a better place, and they thought the time would be right to try for another baby. She did get pregnant quickly, but she suffered a miscarriage.

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