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Cheyenne Floyd FINALLY Introduces Her New Boyfriend! (EXCLUSIVE)

By Max / Published on Saturday, 11 May 2019 07:26 AM / No Comments / 493 views

Cheyenne Floyd has some news to share, everyone!

Yep, the newest Teen Mom (Bristol Palin doesn’t count and Jenelle Evans’ replacement hasn’t been officially announced yet) was sweet enough to have a little chit chat with us about her life.

Specifically, her love life.

Fans will know that she’s been dating a new guy for a while now, but that she’s been super private about it all.

Well, not anymore!

1. We See You!

We See You!

So Cheyenne is dating someone. We know that much because she’s said so.

2. Nope


And no, it’s not Cory Wharton — they’re still rocking the co-parenting thing without having a romantic relationship.

3. Interesting


All the way back in February, Cheyenne revealed that she was dating someone that she was “super happy” with.

4. Fair Enough

Fair Enough

She explained that “I don’t want to reveal any details about them right now as we’re enjoying keeping things private.”

5. Oh, OK

Oh, OK

She added that “When the time is right. I will tell.”

6. Not So Fast

Not So Fast

But a month later, she was still being secretive about her new relationship.

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