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Chris Brown Blasts Wendy Williams: You Live in the Shade, You Demon!

By Max / Published on Thursday, 25 Apr 2019 01:47 AM / No Comments / 432 views

Wendy Williams is getting divorced after a troubled marraige that at one point included police fearing she was being poisoned.

But she still has time for her fans, her show, and to share her semi-solicited opinions.

After she threw some shade at widely hated rapper Chris Brown for his unprofessionalism, he is hitting back.

On her show, Wendy Williams shared her opinion on how Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj should plan their performances together.

“Personally speaking,” Wendy begins. “I think that they shouldn’t have an opener.”

Wendy explains that she feels this way “because I like both of them equally.”

“But,” she continues. “What they should do is open up together.”

Wendy explains that they should do so “with their new song, ‘Wobble Up.'”

After Wendy suggests that Chris and Nicki could alternate performances by using “Wobble Up” as a segue, she throws shade.

“Or,” she says. “They can do it this way:”

“They’re both notorious for showing up late,” she accuses.

Wendy proposes: “So, whoever shows up first, opens.”

She then bursts into a smile as her audience laughs.

Disgraced rapper Chris Brown shared that clip on his Instagram and shared his thoughts in the captions.

“OK WENDY,” his commentary begins.

He then includes a red heart emoji.

“I DONT SHOW UP LATE THOUGH!!” he insists.

“I DO HOWEVER SHOW DA F–K OUT,” Chris clarifies, whatever that means.

“APPRECIATE DA PUB,” he says, presumably referring to publicity and not to a tavern.

“WHEN U BROKEN.. u live in da shade…” he says.


Obviously, a feud between Chris Brown and Wendy Williams is a bit of an Alien vs Predator situation.

Neither of them are necessarily folks who come to mind when you think of good people.

But since Wendy isn’t a serial domestic abuser and hasn’t been accused of rape, she’s the Yautja in this scenario.

By which we mean that we would have to root for her in this specific instance.

Kind of how, when you compare her to her soon-to-be ex husband, Kevin Hunter, you have to be Team Wendy.

Speaking of Wendy’s recent troubles, including her divorce, Chris allegedly has some thoughts in that arena.

HollywoodLife reports that Chris appreciated the mention, but “he’s also not about to forget all the ways she’s slammed him in the past.”

And apparently she doesn’t have his sympathies when it comes to her divorce drama or her struggle with addiction.

Chris can’t help feeling that Wendy has brought this on herself,” an insider reveals.

“She set herself up to be humiliated,” the source claims that Chris believes.

Apparently, she was asking for it “by sitting in judgement of others for all these years.”

“And,” the insider concludes. “He doesn’t have an ounce of sympathy for her.”

Well, since our court system has failed to render a sound judgment in Chris Brown’s direction, someone has to, even if it’s just stern words.

(Also, Wendy is praising his music, which is infinitely more kindness than Chris deserves)

Finally, we struggle to think of any evidence that Chris has an “ounce of sympathy” for anyone other than himself.

His behavior certainly suggests otherwise.

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