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DaBaby Locked Up After Robbing Concert Promoter, Dousing Victim In Apple Juice

By Max / Published on Sunday, 05 Jan 2020 01:27 AM / No Comments / 353 views

Just so we’re clear, there’s nothing funny about violent crime.

But a guy named DaBaby angrily pouring apple juice on someone who pissed him off? Well, that’s pretty funny.

DaBaby Mug Shot

TMZ is reporting that rapper DaBaby — real name Jonathan Kirk — is being held without bail after robbing a concer promoter of $ 80.

Possibly as some sort of extremely on-brand calling card, Kirk ended the altercation by dousing his victim in apple juice, a move known in some subcultures as a “Mott’s baptism.”

Okay, we made that last part up, but DaBaby really did pour apple juice all over this guy — which, again — is objectively hilarious.

In fact, it’s almost too perfectly brilliant to be believed.

Fortunately, TMZ has obtained footage of the incident.

Thus far, we’ve focused on the funnier aspects of this story, but the fact remains that this is a serious situation which might have lasting consequences for Kirk.

The video shows members of Kirk’s entourage attacking the victim and removing items from his pockets.

A police report indicates that the unidentified victim was robbed of $ 80, an iPhone 7, and a credit card.

DaBaby Pic

Insiders tell TMZ that the victim was a concert promoter who had recently paid Kirk $ 20,000 for a performance.

Kirk says the agreed upon price was $ 30,000, and it seems the attack was an act of retaliation.

Bail was initially set at $ 1,500, but Kirk is now being held without bond, due to an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Texas.

The past year has been a mixed bag for DaBaby who had a hit album, several successful singles, and a well-received performance on SNL — but also got arrested at least three times.

DaBaby Image

Just last week, DaBaby was arrested in his native Charlotte for possession of marijuana, which apparently something people still get arrested for.

In early, 2019, Kirk was taken into custody for an altercation inside a Wal-Mart that led to a man being shot and killed.

Add to that his recent conviction for possession of an unregistered weapon and the outstanding warrant in Texas that had to do with alleged gang activity, and it’s not hard to see why Florida authorities are planning to keep the rapper in custodu.

Dude might be on the verge of breaking Tekashi69‘s record for most outstanding charges against a rapper under 30.

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