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David Eason Calls Leah Messer a Drug Addict, Is Still the Worst

By Max / Published on Monday, 22 Apr 2019 07:59 AM / No Comments / 400 views

David Eason … ugh.

Ugh. When it comes to Jenelle Evans’ husband, is there anything else we really need to say at this point?

He’s rude, aggressive, offensive, bigotted, allegedly abusive to both children and his significant others.

Like, this individual is so awful the United States Secret Service recently felt the need to pay him a visit.

It’s bad.

On top of everything else, he also has a little hobby of harassing his wife’s co-workers — the cast and crew of Teen Mom 2.

And this weekend, as The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, he went after Leah Messer … who more than held her own.

Let’s break it down:

1. The Worst

The Worst

David is … he’s really just a horrific person, guys, for so many reasons.

2. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser

How many times have we heard from Nathan Griffith and his mother that Kaiser has told them that David hits him?

3. Yikes


The alleged abuse extends further, too — his ex, the mother of his son, got a restraining order against him after claiming he was violent with her during her pregnancy.

And we all remember that harrowing 911 call in which Jenelle sobbed and told the operator that he’d knocked her to the ground and pinned her down after an argument.

5. Also the Secret Service

Also the Secret Service

In addition to all the (alleged!!!) domestic violence, David is also super, super into guns, like to the point where the Secret Service felt the need to investigate him because they thought he was threatening the president’s life.

6. So Weird

So Weird

He’s said many times that he won’t hesitate to shoot the second anyone trespasses onto his property, and like, you can tell he’s kind of hoping it happens.

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