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Demi Lovato: Friends Fear She’ll Relapse Following Breakup?

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 26 Mar 2019 09:46 AM / No Comments / 366 views

It’s been eight months since Demi Lovato suffered a heroin overdose that nearly claimed her life.

And while she’s been sober ever since and is reportedly committed to remaining clean, Demi has been down this road twice now, and she’s likely well aware of two hard truths about recovery:

The battle begins anew each day, and it only takes one mistake to bring you back to square one.

So she and her loved ones are vigilant and particularly wary about potential disruptions this early in the singer’s sobriety.

Which is why there was so much concern following Lovato’s breakup with Henry Levy.

Demi and Henry met in rehab, and they only dated for a few months before calling it quits.

But the pair were reportedly inseparable during their time together, and their breakup happened abruptly.

“She’s broken-hearted right now and everyone is encouraging her to take some time to focus on herself,” one insider tells Radar Online.

“The problem is she likes to be in relationships and has a hard time being alone.”

Demi is said to be taking the breakup in stride, but friends are apparently concerned about what might happen if she gets back together with Henry or rushes into a rebound relationship.

And so, Lovato’s inner circle is encouraging her to take a break from dating altogether.

“Everyone’s biggest fear is seeing Demi go off the rails again but there’s a real chance that could happen if she goes through another bad break-up,” says the source. 

“She’s devastated about what happened with Henry but the hope is that this will encourage her to take a step back from men altogether.”

Obviously, only Demi knows what’s best for her own sobriety, but those who are new to recovery are generally discouraged from entering any new romantic relationships during the first year.

Relationships with fellow addicts are particularly likely to trigger a relapse.

And so, Demi’s loved ones were likely a little relieved when her relationship with Henry came to an end.

But it’s just as likely that those feelings were closely followed by concerns over how a newly-sober Demi might handle a breakup.

We hope she’s receiving all the support she needs during this difficult time.

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