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Dragon Age 4 Update From Bioware Confirms It’s Still In Development

By Max / Published on Thursday, 23 Jul 2020 08:43 AM / No Comments / 42 views

Dragon Age 4 is still in development, according to BioWare, but the studio still isn’t sharing much about how it’s shaping up. It’s not the first time that the developer has spoken up just to reassure fans that the game is still happening in the half-decade since Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Since BioWare officially confirmed that it was working on Dragon Age 4 in early 2018, fans have had to be content with little more than periodic reminders that the game is still in development. Last year, a tease posted to BioWare’s Twitter account had fans convinced that big news about the beloved franchise was coming soon, but it never materialized. Even a producer simply tweeting the words Dragon Age caught the internet’s attention, but again it added up to nothing. More recently, an EA trailer showed the briefest of glimpses at Dragon Age 4 environment art, seemingly just to show that the game is still underway.

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While fans of the series have been remarkably patient with BioWare while awaiting the next installment, it seems that even the developer may wish there was more news to share. Executive producer Mark Darrah recently tweeted out a message to fans acknowledging the lack of updates and confirming once again that development on Dragon Age 4 is still ongoing. According to Darrah, the team is working from home, like many developers are, and that that has made their job more difficult. Despite that, he says the team is still making progress.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced developers to radically change the way they make games, development on Dragon Age 4 didn’t exactly seem to be progressing smoothly. BioWare reportedly scrapped a previous version of Dragon Age 4 that was smaller in scope but more player-driven than the preceding Dragon Age: Inquisition and would continue the story of that game’s Trespasser DLC. Along with the overall the game received when that version stopped production, the team has also had some major changes, including the departure of its lead producer last year.

It’s no secret that Dragon Age 4 has had a troubled development, but both fans and BioWare itself are standing by the project. A mere confirmation that production is continuing may not be what fans want to hear at this point, but Darrah’s tweet at least provides some context for why there hasn’t been much word in the past few months. On the other hand, it doesn’t explain the long silent period before that or give any hint of how far along the game is. Fortunately, Dragon Age fans are a devoted bunch and seem to be willing to wait as long as it takes to watch their favorite characters smooch and occasionally fight dragons again.

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Source: Mark Darrah/Twitter

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