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Duggar Family Tree: A Complete Guide to Courtships & Babies!

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020 11:56 AM / No Comments / 35 views

Large sections of the Old Testament are devoted to genealogies – lengthy lists of couplings and the biblically-significant offspring that they begat.

Given the Duggars’ love for the Good Book, we’re sure someone in the family has compiled a similar compendium of the courtships and marriages that led to the creation of Jim Bob and Michelle’s many granchildren.

It might seem like it would take a monastic scholar to keep track of the rapid expansion of the Counting On clan, but we tried. We tried.

THG has managed to create a complete list of the #LittleDuggars without locking ourselves in an abbey with a quill and parchment.

But that’s not to say it was a simple task.

After all, Jim Bob and Michelle have a lot of kids, and those kids are very dedicated to the task of populating Northwest Arkansas with Duggars.

So sit back, grab a Duggar-friendly snack (might we suggest a jar of pickles?) and explore the family tree of TV’s most beloved Baptist brood.

[The Duggars keep breeding, so we keep updating! Scroll down for the latest on TV’s most fertile family.)

1. Meet the Duggars

Meet the Duggars

The Duggar family seems to get bigger by the day. In fact, the Counting On clan has welcomed so bundles of joy in the past decade that some fans might find it difficult to keep up.

2. Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had their first child, Josh, in 1988. Needless to say, they didn’t stop there.

3. Fame Comes Calling

Fame Comes Calling

The family first rose to national prominence with a series of Discovery Health and TLC documentaries that mostly focused on Michelle’s last five deliveries.

4. A Bunch of Stars Are Born

A Bunch of Stars Are Born

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the wholesome Arkansas clan, and it wasn’t long before the Duggars had their own show.

5. On the Grow

On the Grow

Initially titled 17 Kids and Counting, the series documented the adventures and unorthodox customs of the still-expanding Duggar clan.

6. Overlapping Generations

Overlapping Generations

That expansion occurred in more ways than one, as Jim Bob and Michelle welcomed their youngest child (Josie Duggar, now 9) AFTER welcoming their first grandchild.

7. The Tradition Continues

The Tradition Continues

Josh, of course, was the first to give his parents the gift of grandkids. He married Anna Keller in 2008, and the couple welcomed daughter Mackynzie just over a year later.

8. Keeping Busy

Keeping Busy

Josh and Anna now have six children — Mackynzie, Micheal, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, and their brand new baby, little Maryella.

9. Jill’s Turn

Jill's Turn

Next up was Jill Duggar, who married Derick Dillard in 2014. Like Josh and Anna, Jill and Derick didn’t waste any time, welcoming their first child just 12 months after tying the knot.

10. And Baby Makes Four

And Baby Makes Four

These days, Jill is a mother of two boys — Israel and his younger brother Samuel, who was born in 2017.

11. What Next?

What Next?

After Samuel’s birth, rumors began that something serious happened during the delivery, something so serious that Jill wouldn’t be able to carry anymore children. Since she hasn’t been pregnant again since, the rumors have persisted, although Derick has hinted that perhaps 2020 would be the year they made another addition to their family.

12. Hot On Her Heels

Hot On Her Heels

After a lengthy (by Duggar standards) courtship of 11 months, Jill’s younger sister Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald in November of 2014.

13. Picking Up On a Theme?

Picking Up On a Theme?

They welcomed their first child — you guessed it! — about 12 months after the wedding. Jessa is now a mother of three, having welcomed daughter Ivy Jane in May of 2019.

14. The Rebel Settles Down

The Rebel Settles Down

Jinger was the next Duggar girl to get married. She tied the knot with pro-soccer-player-turned-preacher Jeremy Vuolo in 2016.

15. Breaking With Tradition

Breaking With Tradition

Jinger and Jeremy were married almost two full years before they welcomed daughter Felicity Vuolo in 2018. Just one of the subtle ways that Jinger has asserted her independence over the years.

16. Shaking Up the Order

Shaking Up the Order

Joy-Anna Duggar actually got married after Jinger — tying the knot with Austin Forsyth in May of 2017 — but she was first to become a mom, welcoming son Gideon in February of 2018.

17. Heartbreaking


Joy-Anna became pregnant with her second child in early 2019, but when she went in for an ultrasound at 20 weeks they discovered the baby’s heart was no longer beating. She gave birth to a stillborn baby girl she named Annabell Elise.

18. Not Your Average Joe

Not Your Average Joe

After Joy got married, it was back to the sons, with Joseph Duggar marrying Kendra Caldwell in September of 2017. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Garrett David, in June of 2018

19. Congratulations Are In Order!

Congratulations Are In Order!

And in November of 2019, Joe and Kendra welcomed their second child, a girl named Addison Renee.

20. The Hits Keep on Coming

The Hits Keep on Coming

Josiah Duggar was next in line, marrying Lauren Swanson in June of 2018.

21. A Joyous Development

A Joyous Development

Although they suffered a miscarriage in early 2019, Lauren was able to become pregnant again soon after, and on November 8th they welcomed a daughter they named Bella Milagro.

22. Not to Be Outdone …

Not to Be Outdone ...

She may not be one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring, but cousin Amy Duggar is very much a part of the Counting On clan, and she also joined the mom club herself in 2019.

23. Another Bundle of Joy

Another Bundle of Joy

Amy and her husband of four years, Dillon King, welcomed a son named Daxton in October! Fortunately, we have enough congratulations to go around!

24. A Busy Year

A Busy Year

Yes, 2019 witnessed a major Duggar baby boom. But you can bet it won’t be the last year that Jim Bob and Michelle welcome multiple grandbabies.

25. And They’re Still Going …

And They're Still Going ...

The couple is currently coddling a whopping 17 grandchildren … and no one would be surprised if another pregnancy was announced soon!

26. What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds

Currently, there are four unmarried Duggars age 18 or older, all of them boys.

27. Making Moves

Making Moves

21-year-old Jed Duggar recently announced a run for the Arkansas State House of Representatives, but you can bet he and twin brother Jeremiah will both be starting families sometime in the next few years.

28. It’s the Duggar Way

It's the Duggar Way

After all, there’s nothing the Duggars love more than tradition. And there’s no tradition they value quite as much as bringing more life and love into the world.

29. UPDATE: A Time of Upheaval

UPDATE: A Time of Upheaval

The biggest Duggar story of 2020 has been the ongoing feud between Derick Dillard and Jim Bob Duggar.

30. Spilling the Tea

Spilling the Tea

Derick says his in-laws completely cut ties after he accused Jim Bob of withholding his kids’ reality TV earnings.

31. A Budding Author

A Budding Author

Dillard has since threatened to write a tell-all memoir that will no doubt shed some light on the inner workings of the Duggar clan. Jim Bob has hired a legal team to prevent the book’s publication.

32. Time Marches On

Time Marches On

Meanwhile, the never-ending deluge of Duggar courtship and baby news has continued unabated. This means, of course, that fans are still spreading wild rumors about Jana Duggar’s love life.

33. Jana and Laura

Jana and Laura

The latest reports have had to do with Jana’s longtime friend Laura DeMasie.

34. More Than Friends?

More Than Friends?

A former employee of the Duggars who spoke with The Hollywood Gossip exclusively claimed that Jana is “in love with” Laura, and was heartbroken when her friend relocated to Georgia.

35. Exciting Stuff!

Exciting Stuff!

Of course, the only ones who will ever know the truth about Jana and Laura are Jana and Laura. Moving on to more verifiable news — Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant!

36. Joy-Anna Bumpin’

Joy-Anna Bumpin'

Fans are especially ecstatic, as the news comes on the heels of Joy’s heartbreaking miscarriage.

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