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Every Overwatch Year of the Dog Skin

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 19 Mar 2019 06:58 AM / No Comments / 671 views

Here is every Legendary Skin released for Overwatch during the Year Of The Dog update. Overwatch is yet another mega-franchise from Blizzard Entertainment, who are also behind World Of Warcraft and Diablo. Overwatch is a fast-paced, colorfully addictive multiplayer shooter, where players can choose from a generous line-up of characters with unique skills and abilities. The game was played to death during its initial beta period and once it was finally released in 2016 it quickly became one of the biggest titles of the year. The game takes place decades in the future, where an international task force comprised of members of all nations are brought together to form a group dubbed Overwatch.


Overwatch is considered one of the best multiplayer games on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. The game also allows for a high level of customization, including skins that allows players to change a character’s appearance. During the Lunar New Year celebration of 2018, Blizzard released new Legendary Skins for the game, alongside other perks like a new map and new victory poses that could be unlocked via special loot boxes.

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Let’s explore the six Legendary skins released for Overwatch during the Year Of The Dog event.

Genji (Baihu Skin)

genji Baihu overwatch

Naturally, all the skins released were themed around the Lunar New Year, with cyborg Genji getting the Baihu costume that gives him a distinct style upgrade.


Widowmaker (Black Lily Skin)

widowmaker black lily

Fan favorite sniper Widowmaker received the Black Lily skin.

McCree (Magistrate Skin)

mccree overwatch skin

Slick outlaw gunslinger McCree could unlock the Magistrate outfit.

Pharah (Qinglong Skin)

Pharah overwatch Qinglong

Pharah is decked out in new Qinglong combat armor while she’s soaring high over the battlefield.

Zarya (Xuanwu Skin)

zarya Xuanwu overwatch

Zarya’s particle cannon was given a makeover with her Xuanwu skin.

Mercy (Zhuque Skin)

mercy Zhuque Skin overwatch

Finally, players could unlock the Zhuque skin for Mercy while she’s blasting away with the Caduceus Staff

Of course, the Year Of The Dog skins didn’t drastically alter Overwatch’s gameplay, but they were a fun addition nonetheless. The sheer variety of characters and combat styles in the game is one of the reasons it’s proved so popular worldwide, with Overwatch also featuring an impressive amount of worldbuilding. Every character has their own backstory and lore going on, which is another reason fans have gotten so involved with the franchise.


A new character named Baptiste was recently added to Overwatch, who is a combat medic whose backstory involves him being orphaned by the Omnic war, and later defecting from the criminal network Talon to seek some redemption for his past misdeeds. Given his profession, this likely means some healing combined with plenty of gunfire.

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