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Farrah Abraham: Savaged on Instagram After Visiting Baby Daddy’s Grave!

By Max / Published on Friday, 03 Jan 2020 01:32 AM / No Comments / 376 views

When the 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom franchise made its controversial debut on MTV back in 2009, Farrah Abraham’s story was considered by many to be the saddest and most compelling of all.

Farrah was grappling not only with impending teen motherhood, but also with the loss of her baby’s father.

Derek Underwood was killed in a car accident during Farrah’s pregnancy, and while the couple had parted ways months before his death, she says she was devastated by the loss, regardless.

Obviously, daughter Sophia Abraham never met Underwood, which is one reason that many find Farrah’s decision to frequently — and very publicly — bring the 10-year-old to Derek’s grave so distasteful.

Take a look:

1. A Mother-Daughter Excursion

A Mother-Daughter Excursion

Farrah Abraham has riled her Instagram followers yet again. This time, she’s being accused of exploiting the death of her high school boyfriend, Derek Underwood with a recent cemetery visit.

That may sound a little harsh, but the many giddy pics and videos posted by Farrah do seem rather inappropriate for a visit to the grave of a boy who was killed in his teens.

3. Not Cool

Not Cool

Making the occasion so public would be a controversial decision regardless, but Farrah could at least affect an appropriately somber demeanor.

4. The Girls Are Back in Town

The Girls Are Back in Town

The video begins with an overjoyed narrator announcing, “There’s the girls! Celebrating Derek’s life!” Needless to say, it’s a little unsettling.

5. Here’s Where It Really Gets Weird

Here's Where It Really Gets Weird

Farrah has a habit of posting as Sophia and captioning her pics and videos as though she were a 10-year-old. And that’s what exactly she did for the graveside post.

6. A Suspicious Caption

A Suspicious Caption

“I’m thankful for my mom bringing me to see my dad over the years, my family coming with, sharing me the best and sharing stories I wish I could of met my dad I love daddy Derek and so grateful for him watching over me love & peace,” Farrah/Sophia wrote.

7. Lying Is Not Her Strong Suit

Lying Is Not Her Strong Suit

As though it wasn’t already obvious that she wrote the caption, Farrah essentially confirmed it by commenting in the exact same style.

8. Daddy Derek

Daddy Derek

“Love you Sophia, your loved & so proud of you & grateful we get to visit Daddy Derek,” Farrah wrote.

9. Loving the Attention

Loving the Attention

“Daddy Derek watches over you & loves you I see it in all you do every day,” she continued.

10. You CAN Knock the Hustle

You CAN Knock the Hustle

We probably don’t need to tell you that Farrah will do just about anything for clout, especially now that social media is her primary source of income.

11. Keeping Busy

Keeping Busy

In the first months after she was fired from Teen Mom OG, Farrah hit the ground running and launched a number of new business ventures.

12. Desperate Times

Desperate Times

Unfortunately for her, they’ve mostly failed, and her social media following has been dwindling rapidly.

13. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff

Unless she’s able to maintain her current following, Farrah might be faced with the prospect of getting a real job.

14. The Jig Is Up

The Jig Is Up

In other words, the people accusing Farrah of dragging Sophia to Derek’s grave for attention are probably on to something — and they’ve been eagerly calling her out on Instagram.

15. Fair Point

Fair Point

“This should have been a private moment.. no need for video or cameras,” one follower wrote.

16. Widespread Agreement

Widespread Agreement

“I have to agree, I believe Farrah does this more for attention than sorrow!!” another fan replied.

17. Yeah, That’s a Little Weird

Yeah, That's a Little Weird

Another user called out Farrah and Sophia’s preferred way of addressing Underwood, commenting, “What’s up with this daddy Derek crap! Just teach her to say dad. FYI it’s all for show.”

18. Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts

“Had daddy Derek been alive. Farrah would of made his life a living hell,” another commenter remarked.

19. Possibly a Fake Farrah Account

Possibly a Fake Farrah Account

Farrah did have her share of supporters, such as the fan who wrote, “So important to keep all the stories about her dad alive you’re a great mom.”

20. Good Advice

Good Advice

But for the most part, her followers encouraged her to leave her daughter our of her macabre publicity stunts in the future.

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