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Hilarious Fan Edit Casts Stranger Things’ David Harbour as Hopper P.I.

By Max / Published on Thursday, 11 Jul 2019 19:01 PM / No Comments / 356 views

SPOILERS for Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things has received a fan edit in the style of 1980s television show Magnum P.I., featuring David Harbour’s Hopper and titled Hopper P.I. The short, trailer-like edit features a lot of Hopper’s pivotal scenes in season 3 in his Hawaiian shirt accompanied by Magnum P.I.‘s theme music. Season 3 of Stranger Things saw Hopper take on a more outright aggressive role, which the edit happily takes advantage of.

Stranger Things season 3 has been one of Netflix’s most popular releases yet, setting viewing records with over 40 million people watching at least some of the show since its debut. It also features some of the most shocking moments of the entire show, including the apparent death of Hopper, Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers and family moving out of Hawkins, and Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven seemingly losing her powers. This sets up what could very well be the show’s most vitally different season yet in 4 (should it be renewed). Still, despite potentially being dead, it hasn’t stopped fans from imagining what Hopper could look like in his very own show.

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Posted on Twitter by user Eddie Spuhghetti, Hopper P.I. imagines Harbour’s Hopper as his very own private investigator. The intro was recorded on VHS to add more of a time period-appropriate feel and features many of Hopper’s scenes in season 3 of Stranger Things. Also tagging along is Joyce Byers as Wheelbarrow and Brett Gelman’s Murray Bauman as himself. Check out the fan edit below.

While Hopper is most likely dead in Stranger Things (unless he proves to be “the American” that the Russians are holding captive), it’s still really fun to imagine the character getting his own spinoff in the same style as Magnum P.I. This is made even more fun because of the character’s far more erratic and angry nature in the latest season of the show. And given the high popularity of season 3, it seems almost a waste for Netflix not to at least consider pursuing spinoffs, especially if the show is nearing the end of its run. Given Netflix’s penchant for canceling high profile shows lately, it’s not a stretch to imagine Stranger Things ending sooner rather than later (though there are reports that people are rejoining Netflix just to watch the show).


Regardless, this is a fun fan edit that captures the 1980s nostalgia feel that Stranger Things has become known for throughout its 3-season run. Even if nothing actually happens in the spinoff area, fans can probably expect more of these fan edits to pop up over the coming months. Perhaps even a buddy comedy edit centered around Steve Harrington and Dustin Henderson. Only time will tell.

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Source: Eddie Spuhghetti‏/Twitter

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