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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Release Seems More Likely Now | Screen Rant

By Max / Published on Thursday, 05 Dec 2019 04:41 AM / No Comments / 376 views

A new Horizon Zero Dawn PC release rumor has lent credibility to the claims of some that the massively successful PlayStation 4 exclusive will be coming to a new platform next year. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most highly-praised games of this console generation, featuring a lead in Aloy who is one of the most compelling original characters in video games – alongside gameplay that was both original and breathtaking in its execution.

Horizon Zero Dawn also helped launch developer Guerrilla Games to new heights, culminating in that studio’s former managing director Hermen Hulst taking over the role of head of Sony Worldwide Studios after Shuhei Yoshida announced he would be moving to a position to better aid independent developers, a passion of his that has characterized his time at Sony. The game is one of the most critically-acclaimed PlayStation exclusives over the past decade and continues to generate consumer interest in a proper sequel. It was also shouted out several times in Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, which was built using the Decima Engine, the same engine that powers Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Now, a new rumor suggests that a Horizon Zero Dawn PC release is coming, and it could be arriving soon. Russian YouTuber Anton Logvinov, an insider who famously predicted that Death Stranding‘s PC release would be coming, has now stated that Horizon Zero Dawn will be available on PC as early as February 2020, with an announcement apparently coming soon. That announcement – alongside the many other rumored or leak ones that have turned up in early December – will likely come at The Game Awards 2019, but that, like the existence of a Horizon Zero Dawn PC release, is not actually confirmed just yet.

horizon zero dawn aloy

Still, it’s a credible rumor, not just because the person discussing it has been right before. Kojima worked closely with Guerrilla Games while creating Death Stranding, another PS4 exclusive-turned-PC port, and that means the Horizon Zero Dawn engine can be brought to PC successfully. With Horizon Zero Dawn 2 rumored thanks to job listings at Guerrilla Games, increasing the amount of people who try the original title could be a smart move that might translate into better PlayStation 5 sales, if that’s where the sequel ends up.

For now, of course, there’s no official word from Sony, and thus the Horizon Zero Dawn PC release rumor should be treated with a grain of salt. That it comes from a credible source certainly shouldn’t be outright ignored, however, and fans looking for more opportunities to experience Aloy’s world before a potential sequel should keep their eyes peeled on media announcements over the coming weeks – especially during The Game Awards 2019 ceremonies, which often leave a lot of room for major reveals.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is available now for PlayStation 4. A PC release has not yet been confirmed.

Source: Anton Logvinov/YouTube (via ResetEra)

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