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I Speak to Skin Experts Every Day, and I’d Never Use These 5 Products

By Max / Published on Thursday, 25 Mar 2021 06:07 AM / No Comments / 105 views

This is a bit more complex than others on the list, but it’s a very common theme amongst science-led skin experts that facial oils are best left untouched if you’re not totally clued up on them. A huge number of skincare products contain oils to help nourish our skin or, in the case of essential oils, give a product more of a luxurious user experience. However, when oils are formulated within other products, dosage is significantly lower than they might be in, say, a straight-up facial oil.

The most expensive face oils are those that contain essential oils (they are expensive for brands to purchase, making the markup on the product even higher), and essential oils in high volumes are seriously bad news for skin. They can turn skin red, dry, and angry. On the other hand, non-fragrant, cheaper oils, such as rosehip, grapeseed, and chia seed, can prove great for drier skin types. The best piece of advice I have been given by an expert? Just opt for no-fuss moisturisers that contain a blend of skin-loving ingredients. That way, you don’t have to take the risk.

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