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Jake Gyllenhaal Really Doesn’t Want To Confirm Mysterio Is Dead

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 10 Sep 2019 05:54 AM / No Comments / 72 views

Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home apparently ended with the death of Mysterio – but Jake Gyllenhaal really doesn’t want to say whether or not he’s really dead. Spider-Man has one of the best-developed rogues’ galleries in comics, second only to Batman, and most of his supervillains have a reputation for cheating death. That’s particularly true of Mysterio, who even once committed suicide, but was resurrected by Marvel’s version of the Devil, Mephisto.

The Mysterio of Spider-Man: Far From Home was remarkably comic book accurate, a trickster who used illusions to get his own way. The film apparently ended with Mysterio killed by a ricocheting bullet, an ironic twist given any magician depends on mastery of their environment. A horrified Peter Parker asked the artificial intelligence EDITH whether this was for real, and EDITH assured him that this was no illusion. Naturally, though, viewers were still skeptical.

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Gyllenhaal recently participated in a Broadway Q&A with Google dedicated to his show, Sea Wall/A Life. Much to his amusement, most of the questions he fielded were related to his MCU career – and he seemed more than a little taken aback when asked whether or not Mysterio could return in a Sinister Six movie. Gyllenhaal joked about Marvel snipers, and even went so far as to jokingly drop his mic as he desperately avoided giving an answer.

There’s a sense in which Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s central theme was simply “don’t believe your eyes,” which makes Mysterio’s apparent death rather suspect. The dialogue with EDITH was clearly intended to signify that Mysterio really had unwittingly killed himself, but there’s no reason EDITH couldn’t have been wrong. Mysterio had been working with Tony Stark’s drone technology for some time, possibly years, meaning there’s no reason he couldn’t have worked out how to trick EDITH’s sophisticated sensor suite. This argument is supported by the fact Mysterio seems to have shifted to a fallback plan after Spider-Man began to destroy the drones, and that contingency was only partly explained.


Of course, it’s possible that plans have changed for Mysterio. Sony has long been interested in developing a Sinister Six movie that teams up various Spider-Man villains, but that didn’t seem to be a priority for Marvel Studios. The deal between Marvel and Sony recently broke down, and that could well mean the Sinister Six happens sooner rather than later. If so, Sony could choose to retcon that Mysterio survived Spider-Man: Far From Home – and that faking his death was a key part of his contingency plan.

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