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Jana Duggar “In Love” With Best Friend, Rebuffed All Jim Bob-Chosen Suitors [Exclusive Details]

By Max / Published on Saturday, 09 May 2020 14:41 PM / No Comments / 46 views

Back in January, Jana Duggar celebrated her 30th birthday.

Especially in today’s world, 30-year-olds have their best years in front of them, and it’s not an age at which one needs to worry about what sort of opportunities may have passed, as so much more lies ahead than behind.

In the eyes of the Duggar family, however, Jana is inching dangerously close to old maid territory.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip, a former Duggar employee claims that Jim Bob is deeply upset by Jana’s refusal to marry and have children.

Jana feels that as an adult woman, she should be permitted to make her own decisions, but it seems her notoriously overbearing father disagrees.

Furthermore, Jim Bob is reportedly concerned about Jana’s close relationship with longtime friend Laura DeMasie, and he suspects the two women may be more than friends.

Here’s what our insider had to say about the situation:

1. Duggar Discord

Duggar Discord

Duggar women are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being, and to waste one’s most fertile years as an unattached “spinster” is some sort of affront to God.

2. Standing Her Ground

Standing Her Ground

Obviously, such a mentality is rightly considered absurd in most parts of the modern world, but it’s impossible to overstate the power of the systemic indoctrination that the Duggar kids are subjected to from early childhood on.

3. The Courage to Be Herself

The Courage to Be Herself

We say all of this as a testament to Jana’s courage in refusing to succumb to the constant pressure from her parents to marry and have kids.

4. Still Searching

Still Searching

Jana has been courted by multiple suitors, but in her own words she has yet to find “Mr. Right.”

5. Life Under a Magnifying Glass

Life Under a Magnifying Glass

There’s nothing unusual about being 30 and single, of course, but remaining unattached is the ultimate act of rebellion in the Duggars’ world, and thus, Jana’s love life remains an endless subject of fascination for the family’s most devoted fans.

6. Father-Daughter Conflict

Father-Daughter Conflict

The Hollywood Gossip recently interviewed a former employee of the Duggars, and he confirmed that Jim Bob is deeply upset by his eldest daughter’s refusal to marry.

7. Spy Games

Spy Games

The insider began by confirming recent reports that Jim Bob and Michelle spy on their kids by closely monitoring their cell phone use.

8. Constant Surveillance

Constant Surveillance

“He tracks their phones. Some of the kids aren’t on Jim Bob’s plan, but he still gets in there,” the source confirmed.

9. Master Oppressor

Master Oppressor

“I don’t know how he does it, but he’s got some program that allows him to get into their texts and pictures,” our insider added.

10. Number One Target

Number One Target

Not surprisingly, it seems Jim Bob is most interested in the private life of the only one of his adult daughters who remains single and childless.

11. Lifelong Victim

Lifelong Victim

“Jana, I feel sorry for her,” the insider told us by way of segueing into a bold claim about Jana’s sexual orientation.

12. Addressing the Rumor

Addressing the Rumor

“She’s gay, and she just doesn’t know how she’s gonna admit that she’s gay, but she’s in love with her best friend,” the source said.

13. More Than Friends?

More Than Friends?

Rumors about Jana and longtime friend Laura DeMasie have been circulating for years, with many fans jumping to the conclusion that the two of them are involved in an illicit romantic relationship.

14. An Important Disclaimer

An Important Disclaimer

It’s important for us to note here that our source’s conjecture about Jana’s sexuality is merely that.

15. Just to Be Clear

Just to Be Clear

There’s no clear evidence that she’s engaged in sexual activity with Laura, or anyone else, for that matter.

16. She’s Still a Duggar, After All

She's Still a Duggar, After All

In fact, given the stringent nature of the Duggar courtship rules, it seems highly unlikely that there’s any physical aspect to Jana and Laura’s relationship.

17. Oppressive Precautions

Oppressive Precautions

Still, our insider says that Jim Bob remains deeply concerned about the possibility of Jana becoming romantically involved with Laura, to the point that he seldom allows the women to be alone together.

18. Three’s Company

Three's Company

“Even when they went to Las Vegas, Jim Bob went. Just the three of them. I guess he was like a chaperone,” our source said.

19. Sin City

Sin City

The source is referring to the trip Jana took to Las Vegas in February of this year. None of the photos from the trip show Jana in the presence of either Jim Bob or Laura.

20. Jana on the Market

Jana on the Market

Of course, Jim Bob’s preferred method for ensuring that Jana sticks to the only sort of relationship he approves of (a heterosexual marriage that produces many, many children) is to pair her up with suitors.

21. Refusing to Settle

Refusing to Settle

Despite Jim Bob’s best efforts, however, (our source even confirms that the patriarch attempted to set his daughter up with former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow), Jana remains unattached.

22. Stalemate


The insider says that Jana and Jim Bob have reached a sort of temporary, uneasy truce with regard to her love life — one that he doesn’t expect will last much longer.

23. A Difficult Position

A Difficult Position

“Eventually what’s gonna have to happen, is that she’s gonna have to bite the bullet and come out, or become celibate,” the informant said.

24. Family of Bigots

Family of Bigots

“Her family is totally anti-gay, of course, so I really don’t how that’s gonna be,” he added.

25. A Painful Separation

A Painful Separation

Last year, Laura moved to Georgia. She said the relocation was the result of a career change, but fans have long suspected it was orchestrated by Jim Bob.

26. Sadly Believable

Sadly Believable

Our source neither confirmed nor denied those reports, but at this point, there’s very little that we would put past Jim Bob with regard to his brutal campaign to maintain complete control over the lives of his children.

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