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Jay Smith: 90 Day Fiance Star in ICE Custody, Facing Immediate Deportation

By Max / Published on Thursday, 04 Jul 2019 05:53 AM / No Comments / 326 views

Just this week, Ashley Martson told fans that she now regrets having endangered Jay’s life after he cheated on her.

90 Day Fiance fans understand her anger.

But months and a wealth of other drama have gone by since that scene was filmed.

Some of the developments were good — but then Jay cheated again, and it’s all been downhill from there.

Ashley revealed last month that Jay would be deported, but no one — including Ashley and Jay — knew how this would turn out.

Jay is now in ICE custody after violating a protective order.

And it may surprise many fans to know that no one is more heartbroken about this than Ashley. Take look at what she had to say:

1. Ashley shared big news on Tuesday night

Ashley shared big news on Tuesday night

We have her heartbroken post sharing the grim tidings, but first, the context: because Jay and Ashley’s troubles go back a long ways.

2. Jay cheated … again

Jay cheated ... again

After possibly cheating on Ashley multiple times before their wedding and then immediately downloading Tinder after the wedding, she gave him another chance … and he absolutely blew it. He banged a random girl in the bathroom of the barbershop.

3. Ashley was Big Mad

Ashley was Big Mad

She packed up Jay’s stuff and kicked him out of the house.

4. Jay was put out of the house

Jay was put out of the house

He was more than a little bewildered. He admitted to the cheating, but obviously didn’t want his marriage to end.

5. She even called the police on him

She even called the police on him

Many 90 Day Fiance fans who saw this scene considered it to be overkill.

6. Ashley expressed her regrets

Ashley expressed her regrets

She took to Instagram to share that she had acted rashly and out of anger at the time, and acknowledged that it was not one of her finer moments.

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