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Jay Smith Launches GoFundMe to Fight Deportation, Is Accused of Rape

By Max / Published on Monday, 08 Jul 2019 23:36 PM / No Comments / 354 views

Last week, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Jay Smith was arrested and placed in ICE custody.

He was arrested for violating Ashley’s PFA — an order put in place to prevent domestic violence.

Now, Ashley has revealed why she was advised to take out the order and just how quickly Jay violated it.

A GoFundMe has been started in Jay’s name and it has already raked in thousands of dollars.

Two of Jay’s 90 Day Fiance castmates have spoken out in some degree of support of him.

But with this latest accusation — of sexual assault — it’s unclear how many supporters he still has.

1. Jay is not having a good July

Jay is not having a good July

He went from being a free man with more than a month before his alleged deportation date to being locked in a cell awaiting deportation, and every day new information comes out that paints him in a worse light.

2. It started when Ashley left home for a while

It started when Ashley left home for a while

Her mother watched her two children while she went to a women’s wellness retreat, and then she joined her family on a cruise. After all that she’d been through, including a health scare just days earlier, it sounded like exactly what she needed.

3. Unfortunately …

Unfortunately ...

Ashley has since revealed that, during her absence from home, Jay allegedly broke into her house. We’ve heard multiple accounts of disputes over property during their split, but obviously, breaking and entering is a crime.

4. Police advised Ashley to seek a protection order

Police advised Ashley to seek a protection order

On Monday, July 1, she obtaineda PFA — prevention from abuse — order against Jay. The order required him to stay away from her and her home, and it included a measure enjoining him from speaking of the PFA.

5. Wait, abuse?!

Wait, abuse?!

Ashley later revealed to Celebuzz that “Our relationship has been very toxic from the beginning, and I just never did anything about it, because I knew if I contacted police that Jay would be deported.”

6. This sounds very serious

This sounds very serious

“There was a lot of abuse going on in our relationship,” Ashley reported to Celebuzz.

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