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Jenelle Evans: Even Farrah Abraham Thinks She Should Leave David!

By Max / Published on Sunday, 19 May 2019 07:12 AM / No Comments / 334 views

Jenelle Evans isn’t doing so hot right now.

Like, she’s actually doing so bad that Farrah Abraham feels the need to step in and give her advice.

Can you imagine your life being in such shambles that someone like Farrah feels confident criticizing it?

But if anyone could manage getting herself into such a sorry situation, it’s Jenelle.

As you’ve probably heard, Jenelle has been in court this week, trying to get back custody of her children after CPS removed them from her home.

This all started a few weeks ago when her husband, David Eason, beat and killed her French bulldog puppy, Nugget, in front of the kids after the dog nipped at Ensley.

Obviously Jenelle didn’t think this was too big a deal, because she was set on working things out with him just days after it happened, but her local sheriff’s department disagreed.

After the police, along with animal control, opened a joint investigation on David, a detective contacted CPS to advise the removal of Jenelle and David’s kids.

Kaiser was picked up last week at school by Nathan Griffith, and Barbara was told to keep Jace at her home — not a big deal, since she has full custody of him anyway.

CPS tried to remove Ensley and Maryssa, David’s oldest child and full-time resident of Jenelle’s swamp, but instead Jenelle and David preemptively took the girls to stay with his mother.

And that’s how the Easons came to be staying in the swamp with no children, with only each other and their poor, defenseless animals for company.

They weren’t content with that, and so they decided to go to court to try to get their kids back immediately.

It did not work.

Multiple sources say that Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa will stay with their temporary guardians for the foreseeable future, and some even speculate that this mess could take several months to work through.

It’s a really, really big deal.

And even though Jenelle was allegedly informed that she could get her kids back ASAP if she left David, since he’s the only one being investigated, she’s not willing to do that.

It also seems like she could get her Teen Mom gig back if David was no longer in the picture, but again, she’s not willing to do that.

As she once said, she plans on staying with David until the day they die.

How depressing is that?

Don’t worry though — Farrah is here to help!

Our darling Farrah gave a statement to Hollywood Life about everything that’s been going on with Jenelle, and she’s got some words of advice for her.

“When CPS is already on watch and been involved in the past it is not a surprise with violence on the property that the child can not return to the property,” she said.

“As a mother these are all signs to separate and get to a healthier and happier place, if it’s not safe for her kids then make a change.”

And there you have it.

Look, is Farrah’s statement the most elegantly worded thing we’ve ever heard?

Of course not.

But is she right?

As much as it pains us to say it, yeah, she is.

“If it’s not safe for her kids then make a change,” Farrah said, and that’s really what this all boils down to, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, it still looks like Jenelle is completely unwilling to make that change, even for her children’s sake.

What kind of world do we live in where Farrah Abraham is looking like a decent mother?

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