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Jenelle Evans: I’m a Killer Mom, Dude!

By Max / Published on Monday, 27 May 2019 00:52 AM / No Comments / 360 views

If most people were in Jenelle Evans’ shoes …

Well, thankfully, most people wouldn’t find themselves in Jenelle Evans’ shoes, but if they did, they’d probably be feeling really bad these days.

To say the very, very least.

Jenelle, as you surely know, has had all of her children removed from her home while police investigate her creeper husband, David Eason, after he beat and killed her dog.

So if you were in her position, you’d probably be hysterical, right?

You’d probably be divorcing your husband for ruining your life and being a genuine monster and doing everything in your power to get your kids back.

Feelings of guilt would creep in, too — you know, that good old-fashioned mom guilt.

But don’t worry, because Jenelle’s got this covered, dude.

She’s not leaving David, she’s not worried about the kids, and she’s definitely not worried about being a bad mother.

Rumor has it that on Tuesday, the judge in Jenelle’s custody case will make the final decision for where the kids will go next — whether they’ll go back to the swamp or stay with their temporary guardians.

So what did she do on Friday, the last court date before the big decision?

She went home early because she wasn’t feeling well, missing an hour of supervised visitation with the children.

That can’t be a good look, right? That she can’t even bother to have a visit with her kids during this very serious time?

Well, it gets worse!

An insider spoke with Hollywood Life about what’s been going on with Jenelle behind the scenes, and it’s .. well, it’s just as depressing as you’d think.

As the source tells it, “Jenelle has no intention of leaving David and is working with her lawyers on fighting this case no matter what.”

“Jenelle doesn’t know what she’d do without David by her side right now because he has been a huge support system, and she’s leaning on him more than ever now.”

Several sources have claimed that she was told that if she’d just leave David, even just for right now, she could get the kids back, because it’s his fault they’re in this position in the first place.

But sure, she needs him for support in dealing with things that he did. Sure.

This insider also says that Jenelle “knows she’s an amazing mom, and she loves her kids, and will do anything to get them back.”

Uh … OK.

“But Jenelle doesn’t feel she has to leave David to do so, and is prepared to do whatever it takes to get her family back together again.”

And hey, “if that means a lengthy court battle then so be it, she is ready for whatever she needs to do.”

Another source adds that “Jenelle is not showing any signs of turning on David. If anything, this seems to have them closer because they are now working together to do everything they can to get back custody of the kids.”

“Whatever anyone might think of Jenelle, those kids mean everything to her, they’re her world and she’s fighting like hell to get this overturned, she won’t stop until she gets her kids back,” the source says.

“Jenelle and David are very united on wanting that.”

This person goes on to explain that “having everyone shaming David and blaming him is not helping because that always just makes Jenelle more isolated and more dependent on him.”

“So the people in her life that care about her are being very cautious with everything they say. No one wants to risk saying the wrong thing and upsetting Jenelle more.”

Speaking of getting upset, a third insider chimed in to say that “Jenelle has considered leaving David multiple times, but he has a way of talking Jenelle out of it easily and somehow manages to keep her around.”

Sadly enough, “it’s also obvious that she is scared to leave him because although Jenelle loves and cares for David, deep down, she is scared what could happen if she does.”

“Jenelle knows deep down that David has dangerous tendencies due to his behavior and past and there is a real fear that he could hurt her.”

But as is the case with so many abusive relationships, “she swears she loves him and says that’s why she’s continued to stay with him.”

“She has legitimately said they have a strong marriage, which friends feel is so sad. They really feel for Jenelle and hope she can find the strength to leave.”

If all of this is true, then it seems like Jenelle is in deep, deep denial about pretty much everything.

She’s not being a good mother, David isn’t helping her, and they definitely don’t have a strong marriage.

We really don’t understand how she can believe he even loves her, given all he’s done.

Still, let’s hope that Jenelle can find her way out of this and away from David, all right?

And, above all, that the children stay safe and protected through everything.

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