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Jenelle Evans to David Eason: Stay Away from Our Child!

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 26 Feb 2019 04:29 AM / No Comments / 572 views

Jenelle Evans appears to have come to her senses…

… at last.

The polarizing Teen Mom star doesn't seem to be with David Eason any longer; not after all the ugly words exchanged between the couple and, of course, the apparent physical confrontation they got into last October.

If Evans really is splitting from Eason, it's obviously the right call.

But one aspect of this potential break-up has us a bit concerned.

We explain why down below…

1. Let's Consider This Photo

Let's Consider This Photo

Cute, right? Just your basic cute snapshot of Evans and her young daughter, Ensley, right? We hope so.

2. But Might It Be a Message for Eason?

But Might It Be a Message for Eason?

Evans wrote “MommasGirl” as a caption to the picture; which, again, could mean nothing. But calling so-called possession of the child in the midst of what must be an ugly break-up? It could also mean a lot.

3. Eason Does Actually Seem Close to Ensley

Eason Does Actually Seem Close to Ensley

The little girl was born in January of 2017 and Eason, for all his MANY faults, does seem like a dedicated father to her.

4. Just Consider This Photo

Just Consider This Photo

Eason shared it just a few days before Jenelle claimed ownership of Ensley, writing as a caption: “Love of my life! Her first time on an airplane!”

5. Let's Say a Divorce is Imminent…

Let's Say a Divorce is Imminent...

… does anyone think David would just let Jenelle have primary custody of his toddler?

6. And Here's the Scary Thing:

And Here's the Scary Thing:

Eason may have an actual case he could make it front of a judge.

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