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Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh: How Are They Making Their Money?

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 30 Mar 2021 12:18 PM / No Comments / 67 views

Even though Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh are unable to marry because of his family, things are looking up.

Not for their marriage — that likely can’t happen until Sumit is willing to cut ties with his toxic relatives.

But on social media, fans have noticed that they’re taking vacations and showing signs of financial success.

90 Day Fiance doesn’t pay that well. Where is the money coming from?

There have been a few 90 Day Fiance stars over the years who are truly wealthy.

There have been other stars who led their significant others to believe that they were better off than they are.

But neither Jenny nor Sumit ever claimed to be rich.

In fact, their financial struggles are part of their storyline.

From living in less safe locations to an initially empty apartment, they were clearly barely scraping by.

And when it comes to money … things looked bleak.

Before moving to India, Jenny cashed out for 401k savings.

The results were … about $ 6,000.

Between that and Sumit’s low-paying job offered by a friend, they’re not exactly raking in a massive income.

They are both on 90 Day Fiance, but the show pays infamously low wages despite its monumental popularity.

First-time couples make perhaps $ 1,000 per episode, and returning stars don’t make much more.

Even if Jenny and Sumit were payed $ 2,000 per episode for Season 2 … that’s no luxurious income.

Naturally, expenses vary from nation to nation, and India is no exception.

Cost of living estimates for India put expenses at about one third of those in the US.

Rent in India, in general, is about one sixth of what you’ll find in America, but can be higher in urban areas.

We could play games with the numbers, but we don’t know Jenny and Sumit’s monthly rent or how much they spend on food.

But fans who follow them on Instagram have noticed that they are wearing nicer clothing lately.

In addition to the new wardrobe, they have also been enjoying beach vacations. How?

The answer appears to be found in a tool that many stars from the franchise have used.

We are not, this time, referring to OnlyFans … though rest assured that the two could find a market.

Instead, we are referring to Cameo, where stars record videos of a very different nature.

Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten - finally

Cameo is actually pitched to new 90 Day Fiance stars by producers who want to encourage them, Stephanie Davison recently revealed.

The service is where stars — actors, artists, reality stars, etc — create custom videos and send them to their fans.

Some stars have made tens of thousands of dollars in very short times. Big Ed Brown raked in six figures through Cameo.

Jenny and Sumit’s earnings through Cameo are unclear.

However, they each charge $ 50 a pop for the short, made-to-order custom videos to fans.

With hundreds of reviews from customers, that equals thousands of dollars at least … and likely more.

After all, only a small percentage of people actually leave reviews.

(In some businesses, this leads to almost exclusively negative reviews — nobody else thinks to leave one)

They could be raking in tens of thousands from fans. Combined with a lower cost of living, they can afford to treat themselves!

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