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John Oliver Exposes Donald Trump's Biggest Lie About Coal Jobs

By Admin / Published On Monday, 19 Jun 2017 20:48 PM / No Comments / 204 views

Donald Trump says he loves coal miners and wants to put them back to work, but John Oliver thinks the president is pretty clueless when it comes to what miners do every day.

The “Last Week Tonight” host even found a clip from the campaign trail of Trump pretending to do… well… something:  

“He barely gets what mining is,” Oliver said. “He may well think it’s just running up to things that he wants and yelling ‘MINE!’” 

Oliver pointed out that Trump’s promise to create more mining jobs was built on a lie. Coal jobs aren’t in decline because of the regulations the industry likes to blame, but due to market forces such as cheap natural gas. 

And when mines do open, automation means fewer human workers are needed to pull out the coal.

So what’s really going on? 

Oliver takes an in-depth look at the issue in the video above. 

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