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John Stamos & Nick Jonas Can't Stop Hilariously Referencing Each Other

By Max / Published on Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019 23:41 PM / No Comments / 404 views

John Stamos and Nick Jonas continue to hilariously troll each other on social media. The Netflix’s You and Full House/Fuller House star has been known to be an avid Jonas Brothers fan, sporting their shirts on several occasions now – the latest of which during the American Music Awards back in October. In response, the youngest of the trio of musician brothers has reciprocated with the same gesture – but with a trippy twist.

Last month, Jonas stepped out wearing a sweatshirt with a photo of Stamos waring a Jonas Brother t-shirt on it. The visual looks like it’s straight from Christopher Nolan’s Inception, but the fans are digging it. He posted a paparazzi shot of him wearing the aforementioned shirt, tagging Stamos and igniting a good-natured prank war. Not one to be bested on something that he started, Stamos shared a photo of him on Instagram with a pillow customized with the screen print of Jonas’ sweatshirt.


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It gets a trippier turn, however, with Jonas upping the game via another entry in this prank war – uploading an image of him on his official Instagram account with a blanket he had made that has a photo of Stamos’ pillow. “I’ll sleep well tonight knowing #sucker is number 1,” he wrote on the caption, referencing the success of the Jonas Brothers’ latest single after banding back together a couple of weeks ago. Check out the images summing up this hilarious back-and-forth collated by Twitter user with the handle @niallscunts.

Jonas is currently busy doing the promo rounds for his band’s brand new song, but he’s yet to acknowledge this ongoing prank war in any interviews. Perhaps the media could ask him about this as he continues to market “Sucker” with his brothers. While fans know how this back-and-forth began, it’s curious what the singer actually thinks about it, or if he’s personally talked to Stamos regarding this. If anything, all the interest they’re garnering from this prank war is a great talking point as they engage with the public for Jonas Brothers’ reunion.


As for Stamos, at this point, the ball’s in his court with regard to retaliating with Jonas’ latest move, so fans will definitely be on the look out on his social media pages in case he comes up with something. Perhaps he can even recruit Jonas and his whole band to appear in the upcoming fifth and last season of Fuller House. In the Full House spinoff, Uncle Jesse was the music composer for General Hospital. He might have returned back home to San Francisco with Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) and their new daughter, Pamela, but his time in Hollywood may have resulted in some connections.

Source: @niallscunts

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