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John Wick Hex Knows It Needs to Get Gun-Fu Right | ScreenRant

By Max / Published on Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019 12:28 PM / No Comments / 356 views

Director Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone, Volume) and Good Shepherd Entertainment have released a featurette detailing the “Gun-Fu” combat in their upcoming title John Wick HexThe game is a surprising take on the John Wick universe, as it acts more like a strategy game than a conventional action title. Players move John across a map and execute different actions on a timer to take out enemies in the most efficient ways possible.

At a glance, John Wick Hex might seem a little confusing to players more accustomed to other action and strategy games. Bithell has said that the game is focused on being a timeline strategy game, where players can get inside the head of Wick to make the most strategic decisions in quickly paced battles. The options in each mission are varied and allow players to truly recreate scenes that are very reminiscent of the film franchise.

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In the video, uploaded by Good Shepherd Entertainment via YouTube, Bithell goes hands-on with the film’s fight choreographers at 87Eleven Action Design. Bithell explains that being able to see the action firsthand allows the development team to truly create a one-to-one game that captures the fast and fluid Judo action seen throughout John Wick. Every movement is precise and needs to be timed to play into that previously mentioned timeline strategy. Players will have to become accustomed to John’s mindset in the films, and account for every action and enemy in the area.


With everything moving in the same timeline, the action happens in real-time and only gives the player brief pauses to plan their next move. When dealing with multiple enemies players will be able to see their actions and plan accordingly to take them all out without dying. In the films, John is often up against seemingly insurmountable odds, but comes out on top every time. These scenarios also come with interesting abilities in the form of Gun-Fu, which allows the player to find unique ways to reload their weapons while taking out foes. Fans of the films should also be excited that Bithell and his team are including a replay mode that shows all of the players’ actions from a realtime movie-style perspective.


John Wick Hex seems to be taking a really unique approach that’s definitely more intriguing than simply creating an action game and slapping the name John Wick onto it. While it’s offering unique gameplay mechanics, Bithell, and his team are also creating a totally separate story from the films. The video speaks for itself and shows a game that fans of the movies should be absolutely excited to get their hands on once it releases.

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Source: Good Shepherd Entertainment

Key Release Dates
  • John Wick: Chapter 4 (2021) release date: May 21, 2021

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