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Johnny Depp: FIRED From Fantastic Beasts Amid Abuse Scandal?

By Max / Published on Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019 08:10 AM / No Comments / 376 views

When Johnny Depp and Amber Heard finalized their divorce back in 2017, they both signed non-disclosure agreements that prevented them from speaking about their brief marriage in interviews.

But now, a series of increasingly ugly lawsuits have put their split back in the tabloid headlines, and the financially-troubled Depp stands to lose a lot more than just another chunk of his fading fortune.

The latest suit has Depp suing Heard for $ 50 million, alleging that she violated their NDA by referencing abuse she allegedly suffered at his hands in an op-ed piece she recently wrote for the Washington Post.

The suit has seen both parties hurl shocking accusations at the other.

At one point, Depp claimed that Heard tried to cut off his finger during a fight and very nearly succeeded.

Heard countered that Depp is an alcoholic “monster” who frequently subjected her to violent abuse during his jealous rages.

With $ 50 million on the line, it may seem that Amber has far more to lose in this situation than Johnny.

But even if he ends up victorious in the end, the court case and all its damaging revelation may prove even more costly to Depp.

That’s because Warner Bros. executives are reportedly considering firing the actor from his role as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts series as a direct result of his current lawsuit.

“Executives at Warner Bros. are wondering how to deal with the backlash of the Depp matter on the Harry Potter franchise,” a source close to the situation tells Page Six.

“High-level female execs at the studio are extremely worried about working with Depp and the message it sends to the public, especially after the recent sordid departure of CEO Kevin Tsujihara.”

Tsujihara recently left Warner Bros. amid allegations of inappropriate conduct directed at female employees.

“This is yet another blow to the morale of female employees at the studio,” the insider claims.

“If Warner Bros. continues to stick by Depp, it would reveal a lot about the values the company holds.”

Several conflicted employees reportedly place some of the blame on J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series who came out in defense of the decision to cast Depp as Grindelwald.

“Many at Warner Bros. wish that Rowling hadn’t come out so strongly behind Depp, because having made her opinion so public boxes them into a corner,” says the informant.

It seems the decision on how to handle the Depp situation has not yet been reached, but insiders expect Warner to cut ties with the actor soon.

And astonishingly, Rowling isn’t the only billionaire who’s been dragged into the battle between Depp and Heard.

Page Six also reports that Heard’s former boyfriend Elon Musk has been subpoenaed by Johnny’s legal team.

Expect this situation to get much worse before it gets better.

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