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Justice League Fans Urge Warner Bros.’ New CEO to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

By Max / Published on Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019 22:39 PM / No Comments / 347 views

Fans are urging the brand new Warner Bros. chairman and CEO, Ann Sarnoff to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Following former CEO Kevin Tsujihara getting embroiled in an in inappropriate sexual relationship with young British actress Charlotte Kirk in exchange for advancing her acting career, the company tapped Sarnoff to take over the job this month. She will be the first female executive in the company’s history to hold said position. But not long after her promotion, she’s already getting personal requests to Release the Snyder Cut.

Justice League hit theaters in November 2017, the Release the Snyder Cut movement began shortly after it became apparent that director Zack Snyder’s intended narrative was drastically changed when Joss Whedon stepped in to finish the project. Snyder had to drop out of the movie due to a personal tragedy, paving the way for Whedon to come in, man the extensive reshoots and post-production. So while Snyder got sole directorial credit, Whedon was the one to assemble the film’s theatrical version. This prompted fans to petition that Warner Bros. release the original cut of the movie with Junkie XL’s (the original composer before Danny Elfman stepped in) intended musical score. A year and a half later, Warner Bros. remain mum on the matter, but followers of the campaign are devoted to their goal.

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So when it was announced that Warner Bros. is getting a new CEO in Sarnoff, fans flocked the company’s Twitter announcement in the hopes that this time, their voices will be heard as reported by IndieWire. The commenters have been generally polite and courteous, congratulating Sarnoff for her new gig before actually bringing up the issue of Justice League‘s Release the Snyder Cut movement. Check out the said tweet below.

No reply yet from Warner Bros. or Sarnoff with regard to the Release the Snyder Cut campaign which is not unsurprising. And it doesn’t seem like it will be a priority for the company and its new leadership, at least for now. Sarnoff who was behind the success of BBC’s North American direct-to-consumer streaming service BritBox has her job cut out for her over at Warner Bros. as she’s expected to deliver the same result for Warner Media’s own in-development streaming service. The platform is expected to make its beta form debut in the final quarter of the year and is expected to be priced at around $ 16-17 a month. That’s more expensive compared to its competitors but not only will it include an HBO and Cinemax bundle, it also give subscribers access to the vast Warner Bros. TV and movie library.


Objectively-speaking, it makes sense that dealing with fans’ clamor for Justice League Snyder Cut is somewhere in the bottom in terms of Sarnoff’s priority list. She ascended to power over at Warner Bros. in the middle of a major restructuring under WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey which is a crucial point for the company and everyone involved. She also has to spearhead this new venture that could prove to be profitable in the next years if done right. Now, this is not to say that she won’t eventually get into acknowledging the inextinguishable desire of fans to see the Snyder Cut, however, it might take a while if she has any intentions of dealing with that matter.


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Source: IndieWire

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