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Kailyn Lowry: All of My Baby Daddies are in Therapy!

By Max / Published on Thursday, 05 Dec 2019 02:21 AM / No Comments / 310 views

Kailyn Lowry may need a new outfit right about now.


Because the veteran Teen Mom 2 star spilled ALL the tea during MTV’s reunion special on Tuesday night.

On stage with Dr. Drew and Nessa Diab, Lowry first talked about her controversial decision months ago to bring son Isaac on a Hawaiian vacation with her many months ago.

There was actually talk at the time that Kailyn might go to jail for doing such a thing because it violated a custody agreement she had in place with first baby daddy Jo Rivera.

How could this possibly have been a possibility?

Because Rivera was supposed to have Isaac on July Fourth, which fell during Kailyn’s trip.

The guy was mighty pissed at the time, but Lowry made it sound on the reunion as if things settled down between her and Jo a long time ago.

“At the end of the day, you have to think about what’s in the best interest for the child,” Kailyn explained for why she took Issac along, adding:

“If the child is saying, I wanna go with you to Hawaii and I don’t want to got to my dad’s for 8 hours.”

As for the legal action Rivera threatened at the time?

He never followed through, Kailyn said last night, and “actually apologized to me” for how he reacted.

“He said he wasn’t really in a good place and he didn’t feel like our communication was as good as it could have been and I agree,” she added. “So I think we were both being petty.”

That’s a good sign, Lowry being capable of making such an admission.

What about her relationship with Javi Marroquin, however?

Lowry had previously claimed this baby daddy attempted to hook up with her while they were filming a different reunion … and said he was angry when it aired.

She also accused him of cheating on his fiancee, Lauren Comeau.

“I know nothing,” she said when Dr. Drew and Nessa brought all that up again, saying of Marroquin:

“He doesn’t want to film because it gets him into trouble, but apparently he gets into trouble regardless. That ship has sailed, a long time ago.”

From here, Kailyn then said Javi and her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, “hate each other, a remark that really took the two hosts aback.

“Chris and Javi almost fought, they were this close to each other’s faces,” Lowry said, not providing much background to that story.

It’s a lot to keep track of, all the men constantly circulating around Lowry’s orbit, as Kailyn also surprised the reunion hosts yesterday by saying all three of her exes are in therapy now.

“Not together,” she clarificed. “But individually.”

Finally, Lowry arrived at her own relationship with Lopez…

… which has clearly seen better days.

“There’s no coparenting right now,” she said of whether or not Lopez is in son Lux’s life, although she stopped short of confirming that he had flat-out lost custody.

“Right now, he’s working and going to therapy and working on himself and I know that he will see Lux when the time is right,” she added.

Did Lopez really get another woman pregnant, as has been reported?!?

“A girl texted my phone, like, ‘I got your number out of Chris’ phone, tell him to hit me up about the baby,'” she explained on the reunion.

However, Lowry emphasized that he denied the allegations and she herself didn’t believe “he would have gotten someone else pregnant.”

It just doesn’t sound like something as responsible as Chris Lopez would do, you know?

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