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Kailyn Lowry: I am DONE with Chris Lopez, He Hurt Me SO MUCH!

By Max / Published on Sunday, 31 Mar 2019 09:38 AM / No Comments / 342 views

So it’s not exactly a secret that Kailyn Lowry doesn’t have the best relationship with Chris Lopez.

Quite the opposite, really.

Kailyn and Chris have had a troubled relationship for basically the whole entire length of their relationship, and we’ve heard sordid detail after sordid detail about just how troubled things were.

They did get back together for a bit recently, but apparently that’s over again.

And now in a new interview, Kailyn is telling everyone just how done she is.

1. The Beginning

The Beginning

Kailyn has known Chris for a while now. They went to college together, and she got pregnant with Lux towards the end of 2016, so, you know, they’ve at least been friendly since then.

2. Mysterious!


We don’t know too much about Chris since he’s always refused to be on Teen Mom 2, but from what we understand, it was never like they were in a normal relationship.

3. Uh Oh

Uh Oh

Kailyn has said that Chris was dating another woman while she was pregnant with Lux, and we saw him blow off doctor appointments, and pretty much her in general, until the baby was born.

4. At Least There’s This

At Least There's This

He did show up for the birth, and he drove Kailyn and Lux home from the hospital, but then things got bad again.

5. Yikes


In her last book, Kail claimed that when Lux was a newborn, “I’ve had my bedroom window broken while the baby was asleep with me in the room. My backdoor had been broken while all of my kids were at home.”

6. Bad Times

Bad Times

She also wrote that there was a period of time in here where she and Chris didn’t even talk to each other for eight months.

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