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Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson End Divorce Battle: Who Won?

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 02 Apr 2019 03:27 AM / No Comments / 382 views

In the trailer for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? fans saw a tease of the downfall of Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson’s marriage.

Of course, in real time, their divorce process has been ongoing for months — and now they’ve reached a new milestone.

A hearing scheduled for Monday, April 1 was canceled because Larissa and Colt have reached some sort of out-of-court agreement.

So this is a complicated story being reported by a couple of sources on social media who, at first, did not appear to see eye to eye.

As you know, Larissa and Colt are getting divorced because their toxic marriage was a nightmare that ended in violence.

Colt cheated on her, sending messages (and dick pics) to various women on Instagram, claiming that the marriage was already over.

Their final fight took place on January 10, prompted by Colt’s expensive porn habit.

Though borth parties displayed injuries afterwards, it was Larissa who was arrested for domestic battery.

Larissa Lima gag order document via John Yates 01

90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates has been a reliable source of information on the show’s stars.

So much so, in fact, that he was apparently named multiple times in a gag order in court that prevented Larissa and Colt from discussing their divorce.

He shared, deleted, and then reposted a pair of court documents.

“I’m reposting this with a better explanation,” Yates writes.

“I was told that tomorrows motion (Larissa’s gag order that had my name attached) is in the process of being removed from the calendar,” he shares.

Yates explains that this is happening “because there has been some sort of agreement made between the parties.”

Larissa Lima gag order document via John Yates 02

A reddit community known as r/90dayfiancesnark also reported on the situation.

“Some of you may have seen that Yates posted tomorrow’s gag order hearing was cancelled,” the post begins.

“It is,” the post seconded. “But not for the reasons Yates alluded to.”

Thus Yates’ repost.

“Larissa has settled,” the reddit post claims. “There will be no hearing tomorrow because she has agreed to Colt’s divorce requests.”

“She will not press for alimony,” the reddit post announces. “Colt has won Round 1: The Divorce.”

Previously, Larissa had sought $ 1,000 a month in spousal support, plus half of their furnishings and shared accounts.

“The rest is not guaranteed: she does not have a high powered attorney and therefore had to settle,” the reddit post reads.

“She did not want to show up in court alone tomorrow,” the post explains. “So she, in essence, gave up.”

Did she give up entirely? Some people represent themselves in divorce when necessary, after all.

There is another theory out there at the moment, in part because none of what we’ve heard has been officially confirmed.

It is possible that Larissa and Colt reached an out-of-court settlement for their divorce.

For example, perhaps Larissa agreed to receive only the things of hers that Colt and Debbie had retained.

As you may recall, Larissa accused Colt of stealing her money, and she even provided screenshots.

She also said that he and Debbie had packed up her things “for her,” but neglected to hand over a number of her belongings.

A similar fan theory says that maybe Larissa stopped asking for alimony in exchange for Colt dropping domestic battery charges.

We suppose that we’ll only find out if that is the case at Larissa’s assault trial, which is scheduled to begin on Thursday.

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