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Larissa Lima: Heartbroken After Colt Johnson Starts Dating Again?

By Max / Published on Friday, 28 Jun 2019 23:54 PM / No Comments / 361 views

Larissa Lima isn’t the only one who has moved on from her troubled nightmare of a marriage.

Her ex, Colt Johnson, was also spotted dating a new girl.

Even after one of the messiest breakups in 90 Day Fiance history, there are bound to be some lingering feelings.

Is Larissa heartbroken that Colt moved on so quickly?

Is she afraid that this other girl will live through the nightmare that she herself experienced for ten months?

Or is Larissa just a little annoyed that Debbie seems to approve of this new girl but never did of her.

Feelings are complicated, but Larissa is sharing hers and speaking out. Take a look:

1. Good news for Colt

Good news for Colt

At first, he said that he needed time to get over the end of his marriage. Now, it looks like Colt has changed his tune.

2. Colt is back in the dating game

Colt is back in the dating game

He hinted as much when he went out of his way to show fans that he was (apparently) purchasing “sexy” lingerie.

3. Yes, people made the obvious jokes

Yes, people made the obvious jokes

They made the body-shaming jokes and the jokes that the lingerie was for Debbie. But it appeared that he was buying sexy underthings for a new lady love (even though he would later claim that he did not actually purchase anything; bizarre).

4. Then he was spotted on a mystery date

Then he was spotted on a mystery date

Coltee shared this photo himself of him and a mystery woman in a car, presumably being treated to air-conditioning — a step up from last year.

5. Colt didn’t exactly volunteer many details

Colt didn't exactly volunteer many details

The word “crush” in pink was cute enough, but doesn’t give a lot of details about anything.

6. One detail did stick out

One detail did stick out

This photo was taken by someone sitting in the center of Colt’s back seat, or so it appears. That, fans quickly concluded, could only mean that it was snapped by Debbie herself. Was she … chaperoning the date?

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