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Lilly Breaks Down When Her Water Breaks on ‘Unexpected’ Finale: Watch

By Admin / Published On Saturday, 16 Dec 2017 06:03 AM / No Comments / 123 views

The day has finally arrived on Unexpected! On the Sunday, December 17, finale, Lilly Bennett gets very anxious to have her baby, so she starts dancing around the living room.

“I know I’m supposed to be exercising to get the baby out, and I’m doing this dance to hopefully push her right out,” Lilly, 17, says in this Us Weekly exclusive sneak peek. “For the past two days I’ve been having contractions and at my last doctor’s appointment, he said I was only one centimeter dilated. I’m so sick of the contractions and the pregnancy, and I really just want to meet my baby.”

‘Unexpected’s’ Lilly

Finally, her water does break 20 minutes after her dance. She can’t stop crying and her mom, Kim, is completely in shock. “I really wasn’t expecting her water to just break and that this was gong to be it,” she says in her interview. Kim is also yelling in the house that she’s going to throw up, running around to be sure everything is ready to go to the hospital. Her fiancée Glenn is in charge of cleaning up the water off the floor and stays behind as the girls head to the hospital.

“I was more concerned about Lilly. Kimmy had to get Lilly to the hospital,” he says. “We don’t want the baby being born in the house!”

'Unexpected's' Lilly
‘Unexpected’s’ Lilly

During the car ride, Lilly can not stop crying over her painful contractions and really wanted to be with her boyfriend, James, who was at work when her water broke.

Lilly and James have been together for about a year now and are raising their daughter, Aaliyah, together in Riverdale, New York. “Our relationship is better and stronger than ever since we had the baby,” Lilly told Us last month.

The final episode of Unexpected airs on TLC Sunday at 10 p.m. ET.

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