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Meghan Markle: Did She Choose an “Unusual” American Name for Baby Boy?

By Max / Published on Tuesday, 07 May 2019 07:32 AM / No Comments / 442 views

Well, as you’ve no doubt heard by now, Meghan Markle welcomed her first child today.

Based on his comments to the press, we know that Prince Harry is excited about fatherhood, but Meghan is still lying low, recovering, and spending time with her bouncing baby boy.

Of course, royal-watchers are all over the world are overjoyed with the news that the delivery went smoothly, and both mother and son are resting comfortably.

But many also find themselves consumed by burning questions.

Sure, some of the big ones were answered today, but several others remain — including the all-important mystery of what Meghan and Harry will name their child.

As is always the case with this sort of thing, the question of the baby’s name means big business for the global gambling community, with thousands placing their bets on the favorites.

The most common predictions are names that have traditionally been favored by the royals — Arthur, Henry, George, and the like.

But this time around, several dark horse candidates have proven to be popular and it seems that’s all thanks to Meghan.

Yes, many believe that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will break with tradition in order to honor Meghan’s American roots.

One prominent purveyor of this theory is royal expert Victoria Arbiter, who repeated her hypothesis to CBS this week just prior to the announcement that Meghan had welcomed a boy”

“I don’t have an inside track on the actual name but I think when it comes to names we are looking at a very strong name because that is who Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are,” Arbiter said.

“But I also think we are going to see a name that works on both sides of the pond.

“For example, something like Eleanor, Eleanor of Aquitaine was a 12th-century queen, she was highly influential and well respected.”

Obviously, that one went out the window as soon as we realized we were dealing with a prince and not a princess.

(Although if Meghan and Harry wanted to defy convention, naming a boy Eleanor would certainly do the trick.)

Fortunately, Victoria had some theories regarding boys’ names, too:

“When we come to boys Alexandra is the Queen’s middle name, Alexander is the masculine form,” Arbiter added.

“Alexander Hamilton is one of the founding fathers in the US,” she continued.

“So I think there are a lot of names here that work with the British Royal Family tree but also have strong roots in the US.”

So there you have it — smart money is on Alexander, it seems.

And you might still have time to place your bet.

Harry and Meghan say they have yet to pick a name — and given how private these two are, it might be a week or more before they reveal it to the world.

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