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One Punch Man: All Saitama’s Super Fight Tournament Opponents

By Max / Published on Monday, 27 May 2019 04:29 AM / No Comments / 356 views

In the second season of One Punch Man, Saitama continues his quest to find a worthy challenger for his incredible, seemingly unstoppable strength – and what better place to look than the Super Fight tournament? The titular hero, having saved the Earth at the end of last season and established himself a legitimate hero within the Hero Association, is still mostly preoccupied with finding someone, anyone, who can take more than a single one of his punches.

Instead of focusing solely on attacking monsters, all of whom pose no struggle at all for the bald protagonist, Saitama is presented with the opportunity to enter Super Fight, an annual martial arts tournament. The catch is that he has to disguise himself as Charanko, a martial artist in-training who was badly beaten by villain Garou, because he’s registered as a hero and not an MMA practitioner. Naturally, this coincides with not only Garou’s hero-hunting, but a mysteriously orchestrated, global invasion by high-level monsters, all of which Saitama is willfully oblivious to.

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Despite disguises being against the rules, Saitama use a wig to disguise himself as Charanko, hoping to finally find the uphill battle he’s been yearning for and cash in on the three million yen payday. What he gets isn’t that, but it does provide some new avenues for him to explore his powers in the future.


The first person to face our titular hero is Zakkos, of the Head First Rushing Style. Zakkos and Saitama (posing as Charanko) are seeded lower in the tournament due to their lesser-ranked skill level compared to other competitors. A romantic, Zakkos plans to propose to his girlfriend after winning the competition. Unfortunately, his proposal doesn’t quite go as planned as he’s decimated in, well, one punch in short order. The saving grace for the long-haired, shades-wearing, confident fighter is that his girlfriend didn’t even attend his fight, so missed his embarrassment. Not much of a reprieve, since it means he has a dented ego and his relationship is probably failing.



A favourite to win the Super Fight tournament, Bakuzan is the most sadistic opponent Saitama faces off against, to the point Saitama is warned not to take him lightly. Deeply competitive and a previous two-time Super Fight winner, Bakuzan is here on the firm belief he can go the distance – so headstrong that when monsters attack, he stops a possible evacuation, citing that he’ll deal with any monsters that get into the arena.

Once he’s on the concrete ring with Saitama, Bakuzan tells him to prepare for the worst before launching his onslaught. Unphased by the display as always, Saitama only retaliates when his wig is almost knocked off, which would result in automatic disqualification. Bakuzan instantly finds himself knocked out of bounds by an individual punch, unaware he was in the ring with the One Punch Man. Licking his wounds afterwards, he tries to convince everyone he was merely caught off guard.


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A living legend of the mixed-martial arts scene in One Punch Man, Suiryu is a quadruple consecutive Super Fight champion, having retired after his fourth to travel and seek new inspiration. Similar to Saitama, Suiryu is bored by how good he is, always looking for something that can withstand what he has to offer. When a new fighter, Wolfman – Garou in a wolf suit – stormed the ranks the previous year, Suiryu decided to make his presence known in the hopes he might finally have met his match. He did find someone worth tussling with, but it was no wolfman.


Suiryu and Saitama’s face-off is a crowd-pleaser – Suiryu getting flashy with his lightning quick moves, always stopping inches from actually striking his adversary. Saitama, as is typical, doesn’t much care, only holding his wig in place so he doesn’t get disqualified. Eventually, though, he lets the wig fly when Suiryu starts a monologue about why he looks down on heroes.

In Suiryu’s mind, heroism is boring and fighting is much more exciting, and therefore worthwhile. Saitama does not take well to someone insulting the profession he’s dedicated himself to, and stops short of a full strike on Suiryu, the force blowing off the arrogant combatant’s outfit. Although Saitama is eliminated by default for using false hair, Suiryu continues the fight anyway, both angered and excited by the challenge. Saitama hits him into a wall the standard way but loses his belt in the process, exposing his half-naked body to the audience, and he scarpers to the locker room, security in pursuit.


Although Saitama may not have found the kind of battle he was looking for, there is still the burgeoning threat of this Earth-threatening monster assault. He and every other Super Fight contestant will likely be forced to work together if they are to make sure Earth isn’t ravaged – maybe afterwards he and Suiryu can have a rematch.

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