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Outer Worlds Website Tease Likely Tied To DLC Announcement

By Max / Published on Thursday, 23 Jul 2020 04:27 AM / No Comments / 42 views

The Outer Worlds new website tease is likely tied to a potential DLC announcement, perhaps coming during tomorrow’s Xbox Games Showcase. Obsidian Entertainment’s latest release made waves when it launched in October 2019, putting players in the first-person perspective of their created character. The Outer Worlds contains typical RPG elements, offering different skills and builds based on how players allocate their experience points as they progress. Despite its implementation of stealth and social mechanics – such as persuasion and intimidation – The Outer Worlds made no-kill runs impossible, to the dismay of some.

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The game originally released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but a port for Nintendo Switch launched on June 5, 2020. While The Outer Worlds launched for all mainstream systems, the developer’s next title, Grounded, will be exclusive to Xbox Game Studios (XGS) due to Obsidian Entertainment’s acquisition by XGS in 2018. A next-generation version of Grounded has not been announced.

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The newest tease from Obsidian Entertainment on the official Outer Worlds website is likely tied to a new DLC announcement. Upon navigating to the website, a graphic appears telling browsers to “stay tuned for another special message from Spacer’s Choice,” a subsidiary of Universal Defense Logistics in The Outer Worlds. Before clicking the ‘Skip’ button, however, fans should note the fine print beneath the graphic, which cheekily reads, “By choosing to ‘Skip’ you agree to view a message brought to you by Spacer’s Choice that was found to be 89.5% safe for human viewing.” Always read the fine print.

After “skipping” the slide, a new graphic appears, one that functions as an advertisement for a stimulant in The Outer Worlds called Adrena-Time, which provides a bullet time effect and enhanced player stats but is accompanied by withdrawal symptoms. A voice-over jingle plays with the appearance of the second graphic, sounding like something fresh out of the 1950s. “Show your boss that you are prime, because you take Adrena-Time,” goes the jingle. The consensus, according to comments on Twitter, is the website teaser is meant to generate anticipation for a DLC announcement, which some believe will come during tomorrow’s Xbox Games Showcase.

DLC is par for the course with most major titles in today’s video game industry. The typical $ 60 price for the standard edition of a new triple-A title doesn’t account for any future DLC under most circumstances. Depending on how much content the vanilla version of a game contains, the $ 60 may or may not be well-spent, and can sometimes cause a rift between fans and game developers and publishers when players are forced to spend more money on a title. Only time will tell if players are going to receive any DLC for The Outer Worlds, and whether that DLC is worth the money (unless it’s free) is up to individual gamers to decide for themselves.

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The Outer Worlds is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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