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Pokémon GO Spring 2019 Equinox Event & Details Revealed

By Max / Published on Sunday, 17 Mar 2019 04:04 AM / No Comments / 378 views

Pokemon Go will be hosting a spring equinox event in the coming months, details of which have now been made public. The augmented-reality mobile game became an overnight sensation upon release in the summer of 2016, but soon faced the inevitable challenge of keeping players coming back after the initial buzz of Pokemon nostalgia had worn off. To combat the decline in users, Pokemon Go has increasingly held special events and Community Days that feature specific Pokemon for a limited time and also offer added bonuses, unique moves and the potential to catch shiny or legendary creatures.

A recent example of such a festival came earlier in 2019, in recognition of Lunar New Year. This celebration increased players’ chances of catching 12 Pokemon that each related to a specific zodiac creature, including the rare Miltank. Following on from that event, Pokemon Go are offering players another stab at catching the legendary Dragon-type Pokemon Rayquaza over this current weekend in a Raid Battle.


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Pokemon Go’s next major event, however, will be in commemoration of the 2019 spring equinox. Fittingly, Grass-type Pokemon will take center stage in the forthcoming festival, which Niantic have now confirmed will run from March 19th to March 26th. During this period, Grass types will appear more frequently in the wild and act as Raid bosses for trainers to take on.

Pokemon Go battle graphics

Additionally, Solrock and Lunatone, which each appear in only one hemisphere at a time, will switch locations. Field research obtained between these dates will also offer challenges in relation to nabbing certain Grass-type critters, and two new techniques will be added permanently to the game’s array of battle moves: Acid Spray and Leaf Tornado.


This isn’t the first time that Pokemon Go has held a Grass-based springtime extravaganza, and previous years have seen Easter-themed events bring out baby Pokemon, creatures with egg-related designs, and extra chances to hatch your own Pokemon eggs. While the benefits and bonuses seem to change year upon year, Pokemon Go‘s springtime events have rapidly become an annual occasion on the Poke-calendar, much like their Christmas and Halloween celebrations.

Grass-type Pokemon are fairly common in Pokemon Go during regular gameplay, so the prospect of extra Bellsprouts and Exeggcutes roaming the streets perhaps isn’t as exciting for players as previous special events have been (although the potential of catching shiny versions  of each partaking creature will certainly add to the appeal). Having the opportunity to capture Lunatone or Solrock – depending on the hemisphere in which you reside – does, however, offer the opportunity for some trainers to flesh out their Pokedex a little and add a unique creature to their collections.


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Source: Niantic

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