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RDR2 Legendary Moose Dies From Exhaustion After Being Chased By Player

By Max / Published on Wednesday, 24 Mar 2021 08:09 AM / No Comments / 70 views

The Legendary Moose of Red Dead Redemption 2 has seemingly met its end after a player chased it to the point of total exhaustion. Rockstar Games’ open-world western sandbox is filled with Legendary animals for would-be cowboys to track down in both its single-player and online components, ranging from massive alligators to rare coyotes and wolves.

Players who choose Red Dead Redemption 2’s Naturalist character class have an extra edge in hunting these elusive critters with the Legendary Animals Map and Field Guide, but finding them takes a great deal of skill and luck as they live in secret areas, and some only come out at certain points in the game’s day/night cycle. Those who successfully locate them can harvest their pelts and individual collectible items for money, Achievements, and bragging rights. One would-be tracker managed to land the majestic Legendary Moose and even managed to down the great beast without even firing a shot.

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Yesterday, Reddit user u/DiscoMagicParty posted a screenshot with his character in front of a fallen Legendary Moose to the r/reddeadredemption subreddit, claiming that the creature collapsed and died of exhaustion during a chase. While there isn’t anything concrete confirming this to be true, the lack of any fatal wounds on the Legendary Moose in the image below and accounts from commentators of similar incidents seem to back up u/DiscoMagicParty’s story.

Exhaustion is just one of the many behaviors shown in Red Dead Redemption 2’s highly detailed animal AI, which is so realistic that people have actually used the game to conduct studies into the behaviors of different horse breeds. Likewise, the human NPCs of Rockstar’s most recent open-world extravaganza are so realistically programmed that they even know to groan at a noisy player interrupting their good night’s sleep or take violent matters into their own hands during an outdoor brawl.

If u/DiscoMagicParty’s story of the Legendary Moose collapsing of exhaustion is true, it’s yet another example of the painstakingly crafted realism that Rockstar has achieved in Red Dead Redemption 2, a title that has earned critical acclaim for its fully-developed open world since it first launched in 2018. Either way, it seems that the Legendary Moose has found its final resting place amid the sunset-washed wilderness of Red Dead Redemption 2’s American Midwest – ending not with the bang of a gunshot, but the tired fall of being pushed beyond its limits.

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Source: u/DiscoMagicParty

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